Budget Dumpster Tackles Increasing Call Volumes Using VirtualPBX


Budget Dumpster LLC is a national dumpster rental company that has achieved exponential growth since the company was founded in 2005. From its humble beginning in Cleveland, Ohio, Budget Dumpster has expanded dramatically across the United States.

The company started small with two to three employees. Within just one year, the company tripled its growth, when their incoming customer call volumes began to swamp their small hosted phone system. Missing customer calls meant losing revenue and new customers, and represented a threat to the company’s reputation.

strategy and tactics

As Budget Dumpster’s call volume increased from 50 calls to thousands per day, it became apparent that the business needed to find a phone system that could support the company’s rapid growth.

It was imperative that the business telephone system included:

  • Flexibility
  • Affordability
  • Ease of use
  • Ability to scale to handle thousands of inbound calls

After trying a few other business telephone systems, Budget Dumpster discovered Virtual PBX. Previous telephone systems had not been flexible enough, could not manage the number of extensions and call volume their organization required or were exorbitantly expensive. Virtual PBX offered the right combination of flexibility, scalability and reasonable cost.


Ultimately, the VirtualPBX solution had to be a complete system that could handle Budget Dumpster’s increasing call volumes.

Budget Dumpster required a flexible solution that would allow for the company to add phone lines and capacity as business demands grew.

benefits from using virtualpbx

After deploying and using Virtual PBX, Budget Dumpster noticed many immediate benefits. In particular, the scalability that Virtual PBX offers allowed the company to add more phone lines as they hired more employees. Finally, they had discovered a business phone system that could grow with them.

Secondly, VirtualPBX offers excellent analytical tools. Now, Budget Dumpster has the ability to log into the system and view how many people are on hold at any given time. The call recording feature has also become an indispensable tool for training purposes as well as for resolving disputes. Additionally, Budget Dumpster now has a way to measure call volume. This allows the company to see which areas are not getting the expected call volume and where they need to allocate their marketing resources.


By using VirtualPBX, Budget Dumpster is now able to manage the thousands of calls that come in on a daily basis and scale their communications capacity to match their growth. Customers get the attention they demand, and the company continues to grow, which is exactly what Budget Dumpster needed to maintain its tremendous growth and the personal service that has been the company’s hallmark.