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­Bruno Independent Living Aids Switches Call Centers, Adopts SIP Trunking

Bruno Independent Living AidsBruno Independent Living Aids was in a tough spot.

A deadline of only three weeks was looming to transition away from a multi-year third party call center relationship. This call center partner had processed calls from more than 100 of Bruno’s toll-free numbers associated with dozens of marketing campaigns across North America.

History suggested there would be several hours of service disruption during the toll-free number migration process and transition to Bruno’s new call center partner. Potentially losing hundreds of calls was an unacceptable situation that seemed like the only way forward.

Then everything changed: Bruno reached out to VirtualPBX to talk about consolidating its collection of numbers into a single SIP Trunk.

Bruno Sells Mobility

Older Man Holding CaneBruno Independent Living Aids — a third-generation, family-owned business in Oconomowoc, WI — manufactures stair lifts, platform lifts, and scooter lifts for residential, commercial, and automotive applications. Bruno customers rely on these mobility products to improve their daily quality of life.

When customers need to reach Bruno’s call center, they are interested in a new product or service work that will help them maintain their independence and personal mobility. Any phone service disruption would negatively impact the company’s sales and customer support.

Past Disruptions to Service

Jake Gawel, the customer experience liaison at Bruno, reached out to VirtualPBX in search of a smooth, timely transition. He shared his company’s story of dealing with past phone number porting and service migration issues.

In previous years, Gawel noted, there was only one way Bruno could manage its phone numbers: through a sea of red tape.

“Something as simple as changing a number could take weeks,” Gawel said. “We had no visibility into the process.”

At times, incorrect information passed through a request ticketing system would end up altering the wrong phone numbers. And then, even if everything moved as expected, the system that handled transfers between callers and representatives at one of Bruno’s previous telecom providers was often slow and buggy.

“In reaching the call center, there were clicks and noises,” Gawel continued. “You could hear it connect.”
Even worse, Gawel mentioned, was that there were significant periods of intermittent downtime as a result of these underlying issues. Regular disruptions left callers with automated messages that the phone system was inoperable. It was ruining the customer experience.

Enter SIP Trunking

Upon hearing about the hardships Bruno had with its phone system, VirtualPBX recommended its SIP Trunking service as both a short-term and long-term fix.

A SIP Trunking service allows businesses to consolidate their phone numbers into a single unit: the SIP address. Call centers can use the SIP address as a reference point for all incoming numbers from an individual business.

SIP Trunking DiagramIn this case, VirtualPBX collects all of Bruno’s numbers, associates those numbers with a SIP Trunk, and lets Bruno inform the new call center of the SIP connection. VirtualPBX works with its carriers to accept all future calls from Bruno’s 1-800 numbers and pass them through the SIP Trunk. The call center then references that address in its internal call routing policies.

Short-Term Gains

To address Bruno’s short-term need — the call center switch — VirtualPBX first ported all of Bruno’s 100 marketing phone numbers from its previous telecommunications provider. Then VirtualPBX created a SIP Trunking account that Bruno could access through the internet to manage its numbers.

“Everything went so well,” Gawel commented about this initial step, “we had an additional day to test everything.”

Following the testing, VirtualPBX guided Bruno associates through the training necessary to use the SIP Trunking setup.

“In one hour, I was personally able to make the switch to the new call center,” Gawel continued.

The entire setup process took VirtualPBX less than a week to complete. It began in the first week of November and was finished well before the pressure of the Thanksgiving holiday firmly set in.

“We wanted to fit everything in before Thanksgiving. It’s such a hectic time,” Gawel said. “VirtualPBX made the transition very easy and acted as our technical liaison. The professionalism from its staff was great.

“We didn’t miss a call in the transfer between call centers. That doesn’t happen.

Long-Term Reliability

This quick initial transition set the stage for Bruno’s long-term goals. Gawel was animated about his company’s desire for visibility and flexibility in its phone system.

“That has been so cumbersome in the past,” Gawel said in reference to previous phone systems he’s used. Bruno never had a complete look into its communications. It always relied on third parties to make changes. Then VirtualPBX entered the picture.

VirtualPBX SIP Trunking DashboardUsing VirtualPBX SIP Trunking, Gawel and the members of Bruno’s IT staff can work within a web-based interface to connect and disconnect numbers as they see fit. They can see the entire picture of their SIP trunk and immediately make changes as necessary.

This flexibility was impossible with the manufacturer’s previous setup; it’s the expected reality with SIP Trunking.

What the Future Holds

Although the relationship between VirtualPBX and Bruno Independent Living Aids is young, their mutual jump from the starting gun has led them to a position of future growth.

Day-to-day consistency will mark the most immediate days and months to come. With full access to its phone system internals, alongside the training to use that system, the Bruno team will look forward to reaping the benefits of the 99.999 percent uptime VirtualPBX SIP Trunking offers.

While consistency will sustain its everyday operations, Gawel noted that Bruno is planning to lean on VirtualPBX Support for guidance regarding future scaling centered around reliability, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use of the SIP Trunking system.

In the beginning, Gawel said, the SIP Trunking setup “seemed too good to be true.” Now, he concluded, he’d refer us to any of his business partners.

“They would be in really good hands.”

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