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Choosing the Right Conference Phone for Your Meeting Space

After you’ve settled on a conferencing service provider it’s time to select the device or devices that you’ll use to actually conduct these calls. Conference phones are not one size fits all. Due to the advances in technology and increased use of teleconferencing, there have never been more options while choosing the right conference phone for your needs. But what to choose?

The most important factor to consider when choosing the right conference phone is where you’ll conduct your conference calls. Below, we break down the most common scenarios and spaces for conference calls and our top recommendation for each.

Choosing the Right Conference Phone for Your Meeting Space

Whether your calls take place in a boardroom, a home office, or a mobile office, we’ve got conference phone options for any business and any budget. Let us know the type and size of the conference room you use to conduct your meetings. Our experts are available via email, online chat, or by calling 888.825.0800 to help you find the perfect conference phone for your business.

Did we miss any conference call types? Let us know your favorite meeting space on Facebook and Twitter!

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Record Phone Calls to Broker Better Business Deals

Record Phone CallsWhether you’re involved in a family-owned shop or a multi-national corporation, the communications your business has with its customers and partners can prove extremely important to your success. Some businesses have begun to record phone calls to aid recall of their conversations, and you might want to consider following their lead.

According to recent analysis at Software Advice, call centers involved with call recording showed a strong preference for web-based software like our Dash Business Phone Plans. The call centers emphasized their desire for features like call recording and conferencing, but you don’t have to run a call center to take advantage of those same features. You can reap the benefits of cloud-based software regardless of what style operation you run.

Let’s examine a few ways that call recording can make a positive impact on your business relations.

Keep it Personal

No business could function well without solid performances from its individual employees.

Take journalism, for example, where reporters are charged with interviewing all manner of people to piece together stories. Both facts and personal quotations come from one-on-one interviews between reporters and community members. Sometimes interviews take place over the phone, and in those cases, the conversations could be recorded for better recall.

Although journalists may strive to keep their facts straight and their quotes accurate, even their best efforts won’t always create 100 percent accuracy on the printed page. They could improve the accuracy of their stories by simply allowing a cloud-based system to record their phone calls.

In most cases, replay of a call is as simple as accessing the online system – like signing in to our Call Recording Manager to play or download an important conversation. This makes it easy to fact-check notes scrawled on a notepad or quotes hastily typed. From there, the newspaper benefits by printing highly accurate pieces, and the public benefits from a strong display of community events.

For the Good of the Company

Stepping up the ladder of responsibility, it may also be necessary for a multinational CEO to record phone calls for an event as pivotal as a merger.

Say a deal between your company and your biggest competitor was set to merge your operations. That may happen once in your lifetime. But it won’t proceed without a sign-off from your board of directors.

Unlike the one-on-one between a journalist and town resident, a conversation between CEO and shareholders is a group event. This means that, as CEO, you would be responsible for recall of a deal subject to the opinion of perhaps dozens of other people.

Recording your conference with the board would leave nothing to chance. Changes to the agreement would be captured. A final vote would be etched silicon. In any case, a weighty recording such as this could not only approve a huge business deal, it could serve as legal backing for the deal as it moves forward.

Analyze an Ongoing Deal

What if you aren’t yet successful with your personal interview or business merger? Sometimes a sure thing doesn’t always proceed as you desire.

Inc’s analysis of deals gone wrong ask the hypotheticals “What could I have done better?” and “How could I have handled the situation better?” A call recorder can help illuminate the problems that caused the floor to fall from under you.

Don’t let every missed opportunity ruin your future attempts at negotiation. Instead, learn from the bad deals by playing back the conversations that led to the unsavory outcome. When you learn about what you did well, what went wrong, and why, you can do better in future interactions and secure the next big deal that comes your way.

Record Phone Calls for Perspective

When you record phone calls, you give yourself an outside perspective on situations you helped create. You look at your own actions from the outside in a way that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

No matter the scope of your conversations, there’s always something you can learn from an unedited replay of your interactions with another individual or group. Why not give it a try?

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What’s the Best Conference Call Service for You?

Best Conference Call ServiceSelecting the best conference call service for your business can feel daunting. It doesn’t have to be.

Today, we’ll try to make that task a little easier by breaking down three important factors you should take into consideration before choosing a conference calling provider.

Keep in mind the size of your business, your meeting schedule, and the current setup of your phone system as we walk through this issue.

Your Business’s Size and Meeting Schedule

Conference calling isn’t just for large organizations. Although big companies have many opportunities to connect more than two people in a meeting, startups with only a CEO and CTO conduct their fair share of conferences as well.

Either of those style companies could hold meetings several times a week or only once a month. Moreover, such meetings, no matter how frequent, could contain as few as three or potentially hundreds of employees or business officials.

Your own company will probably fall in between those extremes with regard to size and meeting frequency. What your unique situation reveals is the type of load you’ll place on a conferencing system.

When you want to determine the best conference call service for your business, you need to be specific about the load your company, large or small, will demand of its conferencing hardware and software.

Does Your Current Phone System Include Conferencing?

Like the size and meeting frequency of your business, the possibilities here reach beyond a simple binary answer. “Yes, but…” or “No, but…” probably come to mind when you think about the conferencing services you use and your motivations for finding a new service. For simplicity, let’s break it down into three broad possibilities:

  • We pay an additional provider for conferencing.
  • Our provider charges an extra fee for conferencing.
  • We don’t currently have conferencing.

In all cases, you will want to ask yourself: “What is the way forward from here?” Our Dash Business Phone System can address the struggles you may have with your current situation and give you an affordable, quick-to-set-up path forward.

If you pay another provider for conferencing, your business is probably spending more than it should. With Dash, it isn’t necessary to use two providers for basic phone service and conferencing. We bundle all our core phone plan features with Conferencing for a low standard fee.

With any Dash plan, Conferencing is free. We don’t charge you extra for this essential feature.

Whether your small businesses or enterprise wants to switch providers or begin your first-ever hosted voice contract, we’re standing by. You can easily gain all the benefits listed above and learn more about our offering by visiting the Dash Signup Page, emailing our sales team, or starting an online chat with a sales representative.

Picture the Best Conference Call Service for You

You should now be more aware of your business’s basic requirements for a conferencing phone system. The size of your outfit informs your meeting schedule, which ultimately has created your current situation regarding how your employees handle calls.

If possible, try to work within your situation by choosing a service provider that can fit your budget and offer key features such as call recording, a mobile app, and of course conferencing. VirtualPBX will work with your business to give you the calling features you need at a price that won’t make you faint. We hope you’ll choose us when considering a new conference call provider.

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Boost Employee Training With a Call Recorder

Call RecorderA call recorder can make its presence felt in many areas of your business. Whether you’re a five-person outfit with no physical storefront or a support center with more than 100 employees, the addition of recordings can have a positive impact on your everyday operations.

The benefits of call recording start with employee training sessions. New hires can hear, first hand, how interactions take place between your current staff and customers. They can begin their new positions on the right foot by learning from the best.

Now that we include Call Recording for free with all our Dash Business Phone Plans, you can add recording to your own training sessions no matter which plan you choose.

What are some of the experiences trainees can witness in recordings? Let’s check out a few.

Customer Stories

No matter the type of market you’re involved in, customers always have stories to tell. Sometimes they’re excited, and sometimes angry; regardless of their mood, stories that come straight from the customer are the undiluted result of the experience your brand offers.

New hires can learn a lot from the time when a customer has a great experience with your product. And they can learn just as much from the individual who wants to cancel their service because a feature didn’t work as they expected.

These are the lessons that will translate to improved future customer experiences. From their first days, your new hires can experience, virtually, the joys and pain points customers have expressed. Then they can recognize those same situations in their own interactions on the job.

Up the Ladder to Management

It’s possible that customers will speak to many employees at your business in a single call. A caller, for instance, may begin with a support representative and make their way to sales before finally reaching a manager.

Your newest employees in any of those positions (support, sales, or management) can gain a lot of information from hearing the customer journey. Your training can address the time it took for each transfer to take place and the tone in which each individual spoke to the customer. This can help your employees better understand that customers may have to jump through many hoops – and may be understandably frustrated – by the time they get to their final destinations.

Product Upgrades

Sometimes, it can also be helpful to show trainees what it’s like when a customer has been upgraded from one service to another. If you have three tiers of an online service, it is inevitable that some customer will choose to move up the ladder. New hires can hear exactly how that happens.

Although this type of situation may be specific to sales teams, any member of your staff can benefit from hearing the upgrade process. It can expose a customer’s motivations for a switch and the manner in which a sales associate negotiated the deal.

All From a Call Recorder

The situations described above can find daylight through the use of a call recorder. Employees can gain access to the myriad experiences customers will have as they work with your business – both in good times and bad.

As a Dash system administrator, you can search for recordings in our Call Recording Manager. Files can be sorted by date, length of recording, and caller ID.

Call Recording Manager

Let your newest hires absorb the gamut so they can replicate the best moments you have to offer. When you add Call Recording to your training regimen, your customers will certainly be happier as a result, and your staff will become ready for anything the job will throw their way.

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A Glimpse Into Teleconferencing at VirtualPBX

Teleconferencing What’s the biggest benefit that teleconferencing offers your business? For our dispersed workforce here at VirtualPBX, it offers our team members the ability to work from anywhere and still remain productive throughout the day.

We conduct sales meetings, discuss product announcements, and even enjoy some water cooler-type discussion through virtual meetings that reach from New York to California. Our get-togethers are typically short and productive. They function in a manner that keeps team members informed but allows them to quickly get back to the core duties of their positions. These benefits highlight why the global web conferencing market was worth almost $5 billion in 2016 and is expected to nearly triple in value in the coming decade.

Conferencing makes remote work possible for our team, and our use of audio conferencing helps us better understand why it’s essential to many other companies just like our own. This is why we stand behind our Dash Business Phone Plans that allow users to hold both three-way conversations and audio conferences.

Consider these tidbits about how conferencing helps us function daily as a business with dozens of remote employees.

Daily Check-In Meetings

One recurring type of meeting many groups have in our company are check-in meetings. They allow individual departments – say, five employees – to discuss what they’re working on today and how those tasks could impact the group and the company.

As just one example, the marketing department’s daily check-in usually includes a discussion about how its activities inside the company are performing in the outside world. Regarding social media, this includes talk about metrics (Follows, Shares) from the websites we utilize most often (Facebook, Twitter). And concerning marketing activities like email newsletters, the department may talk about click-through rates or bounces.

Weekly Product Updates

Even more team members attend our weekly meetings about the VirtualPBX Product Roadmap. Heads of multiple departments may take time here to speak about how their sub-teams are affecting the various products we create, including Dash.

For instance, team leads in Engineering may talk about the development of a new Dash feature, which will inform Marketing about the type of content it should create. Then Sales can be ready to address the new product features customers may ask about in initial sales calls. The information sharing in these meetings is essential for our cross-department communication.

Efficiency in Teleconferencing

Ultimately, what we see in our meetings – whether they happen every day or week – is a transfer of essential information that doesn’t take any more time than it should. Many of us hop into conferences from remote locations, so we don’t waste any time traveling to meeting rooms or having to physically separate ourselves from our workstations.

Teleconferencing has given us the ability to run an effective operation without forcing all our employees to work from the same physical location. It may take some getting used to, but any company with the right mindset can make remote work, bolstered by conferences, a strong part of their own workplace.

When you do decide to incorporate more conferences into your regular schedule, you could complete them on a new Yealink CP960. Want one for free? You’ll have to enter our Conference Phone Giveaway by clicking the banner below.

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