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Welcome to the All-New ACD Queues On Dash!

Just when you thought we couldn’t pack any more functionality into the award-winning Dash Business Phone System, we’ve got another big piece of news to share. For years, we’ve been providing the most robust and capable enterprise-grade business telephone features for businesses of all sizes and on all budgets. We’ve done that by offering a variety of plans and core technologies that power them, but recently we’ve been able to begin solving a greater number of businesses needs with a single platform- Dash. Now that Dash is established as more than just a pretty face thanks to its massive library of core functionality and new features like Salesforce CRM and Webhooks Integrations, Dash has become a legitimate telephone service solution for even the largest of organizations. Now, with the introduction of the all new ACD Queues on Dash, there is a Dash Plan for every company.

VirtualPBX Announces New Call Queues for Dash Business VoIP

What’s New in the All-New ACD Queues On Dash?

Many of our longtime customers remember our TrueACD Queues for some of our legacy plans. These were industry-leading technologies that gave companies an previously unseen level of control and visibility into their call queues at a fraction of the cost than traditional phone service providers were charging. We’ve used those years of experience and feedback from our users and have learned invaluable lessons which we poured into the all-new Call Queues for Dash. All of this means we can offer the most reliable ACD queues in the business with several key improvements, too. First of all, the entire interface has been rethought to fit into the sleek and intuitive design of Dash that has become so popular. This makes navigating and managing all of an entire company’s worth of call queues simple and effective from the palm of your hand, anywhere you happen to have an internet or data connection. Second, is the revolutionarily simple call monitoring interface. With a simple and elegant tile interface, the admins instantly have clear and actionable information in real time on how their queues are performing and what types of call loads are being handled. At a glance of the monitoring view, an admin can immediately see call traffic at the queue or individual agent levels and manage call routing based on a variety of intelligent methods, plus, agents themselves can have the same remote flexibility, too. Agents manage their status by simply toggling their options through the same Dash portal or using shortcut keys on their VoIP device. Any single one of these innovations would be enough to get many queue users to jump for joy and they’re all included in the all-new Call Queues for Dash.

Get Started With the All-New ACD Queues On Dash Today

Like all of our new features from our VirtualPBX Product Roadmap, there are beta periods and soft launches to allow for some of our customers to experience the new functions first hand and provide feedback. This communication loop is essential to the overall success of our newest features and allows for us to test them in real-world conditions before announcing them. Because the all-new ACD Queues on Dash are no exception to this rule, they have been out in the field for some time and many of our Office Plan users are migrating to them right now. To make that transition yourself or to inquire how to include call queues in your current Dash business phone service, contact any one of our Sales or Support representatives. Also, if you’re already using the new departmental queues on Dash and have any questions, we are always available 24/7 for your needs and have also updated the online ACD Queues Support Guide to let you troubleshoot on your own schedule, too. No matter how you manage them, though, we hope you love the all-new ACD Queues on Dash and are looking forward to introducing you to the next great release before too long, too!

Today’s the Day to Save with VirtualPBX Cyber Monday Sale!

turkey sandwich to save on cyber mondayWe’ve told you about it, you’ve waited for it, you’ve set reminders for it, and the time has finally come! It’s time for you to shake off your tryptophan stupor and get your head in the game for the massive Cyber Monday Sale. We’ve never done this before, and we’ll never do it again, so if you want to upgrade your entire business communications system for prices that you’ll swear are typos, now is the time to act. For only the remaining hours of today, this day only and possibly never again, we are giving 20% discounts on all Dash Plans as well as including one free month of VirtualPBX Concierge Service!

What This Means in Real Dollars

We’ve never been shy about how much our customers save when they switch to VoIP. Why should we? When you have something that has helped thousands of companies save literally up to 80% over an on-site telephone system, you really need to talk about that. Think about your telephone bill and then take 80% off of what you’re currently paying. Pretty substantial, isn’t it? That’s the type of benefit we’re talking about with switching to VirtualPBX and a cloud-based telephone system. But the great thing is that savings on service are just the beginning because the flexibility, features, and around-the-clock 24/7 support that comes with every Dash Basic, Pro, and Unlimited Plan makes switching even more valuable. And now, for only a few more hours, you can save an additional 20% up front by taking advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with the VirtualPBX Cyber Monday Sale!

No Time to Lose

This Cyber Monday Sale is only going to last for Monday, November 27, 2017, and only for the 24 hours as recognized here at our headquarters in San Jose, California. That means that you’ve only got until 11:59 PM PDT to save and the clock is ticking. Plus, remember that all plan sign-ups today during the sale get a month of VirtualPBX Concierge Service for free to streamline your transition and make your configuration a no-brainer, just like this deal! Act now and leave making a leftover turkey sandwich for later because this deal, much like Aunt Patty’s Pumpkin Pie, is going fast and won’t last forever!

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5 Best Black Friday Deals for Small Business

VirtualPBX 5

5 Best Black Friday Deals for Small BusinessWelcome to Edition 20.0 of The VirtualPBX 5 where we share our favorite topics, gadgets, and apps!

‘Tis the season of peppermint mochas, OOO email greetings, and Black Friday shopping! While you’re out and about shopping for your loved ones today, don’t forget about your business. Did you know Black Friday is the perfect time of year to receive steep discounts on your favorite business services and products? Here are the 5 best Black Friday deals for small business.

5 Best Black Friday Deals for Small Business

1. Udemy

Want to learn accounting, SEO optimization, or coding? Save up to 95% off 55,000+ online courses.

2. Liveplan

Liveplan is a software that simplifies the process of creating a financial budget and forecast. Save 60% on a yearly subscription.

3. Adobe

Every business needs Adobe Creative Cloud. Save 20% on the entire family of creative apps with this limited time offer.

4. Microsoft

Need a desktop upgrade? Microsoft has you covered. Save up to $500 on Black Friday.

5. Dell

Save up to 50% on electronics, laptops, and computers. Join Dell Advantage and receive exclusive doorbuster deals!

With all the delicious sides to go around this Thanksgiving weekend you’ll want to save room for the main course. If you’re keen to receive the best B2B deal of the season, you’ll have to wait until Cyber Monday to enjoy 20% off Dash Business Phone Plans + a free month of Concierge Service. All savory dishes and deals must come to an end. Mark your calendars because this deal will last just 24 hours.

We hope you enjoyed our five best Black Friday deals for Small Business. If you did, be sure to check out the VirtualPBX blog for more of our favorite topics, gadgets, and apps. Is your business running a Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, or Cyber Monday promotion? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter and we’ll show your business some love!

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3 Best Reasons to Expect To Keep Using Fax for Business

keep using fax for businessFaxing is something you may or may not be familiar with in a business setting. There was a time when faxing was the most cutting-edge and revolutionary business technology around. Of course, that may have been around the time that it was introduced, roughly about two generations ago. Needless to say, things have changed since then, dramatically so in the world of business communications. Why is it, then, that fax machines tend to still be made and sold online? It was news when the last commercially produced VCR was discontinued, and they aren’t as old as faxing is. This is most likely because there are a few reasons that faxing is still relevant, and will most likely remain relevant well into the future. And with that in mind, we’re offering these following examples of what is keeping the mostly-forgotten technology of faxing up and running.

Out of the Spotlight, Not Out of Commission

The fax machine isn’t the sleekest, sexiest, the most sizzling hot new piece of office hardware you can find these days. In fact, most offices that use fax machines still will have them as part of the popular, all-in-one model of printer/copier, so that makes it unlikely that you’d even recognize a modern fax machine if you only knew the bulky, clunky, noisy behemoths of yesteryear. And in spite of the relative invisibility of the venerable fax machine, they are persistently in the quiver of business communications tools of successful organizations the world over. These following reasons are the ones chiefly responsible for faxing’s continued relevance.

  1. Paperless Faxing
    Faxing technology has evolved considerably from the days when rolls of direct thermal printing paper began spooling out messages over 50 years ago. Much like the majority of modern technologies and business systems, faxing can be done completely paperlessly. Digital paperless faxing can send and receive documents directly from an email inbox with email to fax. Using email to fax reproduces all of the benefits of a fax machine without ever having to worry about running out of toner, loading paper properly, or that annoying tonal cacophony that accompanied any sent or received fax from back in the day. And seeing as how email-to-fax is included with all of our advanced cloud-based business telephone systems, it’s easy to see why many businesses don’t have any intention to kill the fax machine just yet.
  2. It’s like The Soccer of Business Tools
    Or rather, football, if you will. I draw this comparison because soccer is the world’s biggest, most widely-participated-in sport. So, too, is faxing. More businesses in the global economy depend on faxing rather than email mostly because broadband internet penetration in the world as a whole is nothing like it is here in the United States. In fact, even domestically we are well behind many of our developed world companions in access to high-speed internet. This is a situation that’s ideal for faxing because faxing technology was developed to only use the Public Switched Telephone Network (PTSN, effectively any non-ethernet telephone line). And seeing as how raw materials, shipping hubs, and supply chain integrity all rely on being virtually continuously updated and accessible in order to successfully bring products to market, the simple telephone wire is the most important and ubiquitous form of communication on the planet.
  3. Safer Than Email
    Faxing is based on “Base64 Binary Encryption,” and while this may sound like gibberish, it’s clearly the secret to faxing’s most compelling feature. This encryption technology is not just possibly the biggest reason for its longevity, it’s also the golden ticket for it to be the primary communications method for some of the world’s largest industries. Specifically, Law Offices and any medical organization that wants to conduct business within the United States or with a company that operates here needs to have access to a fax machine. According to HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regulations, the only recognized process for document security is faxing. Also, faxed documents remain to be the only digitally transferred signed documents that are legally recognized, as well. Therefore, any business that ever interfaces with a legal representative (ergo, all businesses everywhere) will most certainly at some point be required to send or receive a fax machine. Even with such a relatively old security protocol as Base64, faxing has stood the test of time and remains to be one of the most secure document transfer options available, and certainly the most affordable.

Faxing’s Future

Nobody has a crystal ball, so it’s impossible to tell for certain if someone somewhere is working on a technology to sweep the world and supplant faxing as a stalwart of business communications. That said, barring any such wild development, it’s safe to say that faxing will probably remain a necessity for businesses well into the future. Don’t have your digital faxing strategy figured out yet? Don’t worry, because like I mentioned, email-to-fax is available on all Dash Basic, Pro, and Unlimited Plans so you’d be able to take faxing with you anywhere your business went if you wanted. Plus, because all of our Dash Plans are on sale for our massive Cyber Monday Sale, there’s never been a better time to prepare yourself for the future than right now! When Monday rolls around you’ll have to act fast, though, because we’ll only be extending those saving for one day and one day only. You can click on the banner below to learn more.

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More Dash Integrations with Webhooks Than Ever Before

We’ve had a busy year of improvements and enhancements to our premier hosted business telephone service, Dash, but there’s still time to make gains before the calendar rolls over. That’s why we chose to press the gas down in our innovation labs and have just this week launched the all new features for Dash as part of our overall Business Phone Integrations compatibility strategy. Starting now, all Dash Basic, Pro, and Unlimited Plans will come with the ability to include Webhooks Integrations that work with as many as 750 of the most popular and useful business applications.

dash integrations webhooks

Dash Integrations With Webhooks Explained

When we launched the Salesforce CRM and VirtualPBX Softphone Integration, we knew we had touched a nerve with our customers. The rate at which people began to swarm to the new integration proved just how valuable it is to be able to automatically combine data from a telephone contact into other pertinent business systems. Therefore, we saw this and wanted to expand on the benefits our customers could have from using their Dash Plans, which is why we’ve unveiled the new Webhooks integrations for Dash. Just like Salesforce CRM integration allows for call functions to be communicated to and activated from the CRM platform, this functionality allows for call data to work equally cohesively with hundreds of other business applications, too. Plus, with the popularity of these types of integrations being abundantly clear, we’ve also decided to give the first integration away for each system for free! That’s correct, every Dash Basic, Pro, and Unlimited Plan will each enjoy the first Webhook for free, and any additional ones will only cost $9.99/month.

How to Get Started

As anyone who has been following our VirtualPBX Product Roadmap can tell you, we’ve already opened up the Webhooks options to all of our customers and so you can just hop into your Dash account and start playing around with them. If you have any questions, of course, we’re always available for you 24/7, or you can take a look at our Online Support Guide for Dash and Webhooks to see if you can troubleshoot your way through it, too. Also, because we’ve recently announced our big plans for a massive Cyber Monday Sale that will include all of our Dash Plans, if you’re not yet on our popular, award-winning platform, there’s never been a better time to switch. Simply follow the banner below for all the details and we’ll have your business integrated beyond what you ever thought was possible (and for way less than you’d expect) in no time!

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