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Maximize Your Profits with the 5 Best Tools for Affiliate Marketing

VirtualPBX 5

5 Tools for Affiliate MarketingWelcome to Edition 17.0 of The VirtualPBX 5 where we share our favorite topics, gadgets, and apps!

The world of affiliate marketing tools is more competitive than ever in 2017. Cutting-edge tools are sprouting up left and right in the hopes of profiting from the booming e-commerce sector. In this edition of the VirtualPBX 5 we’ve cut out the clutter and narrowed down a list of tools which are tried and true. Here are our top 5 tools for affiliate marketing.

Top 5 Tools for Affiliate Marketing

1. Skimlinks

Skimlinks provides a simplistic method for affiliates to monetize content on their sites. Their secret sauce is being able to turn any retailer link on your site into an affiliate link. If you’re fine with giving Skimlinks a 25% cut for being the middleman, it’s not too shabby of a deal for busy affiliate marketers.

2. WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast tackles the largest challenge faced by affiliates – generating traffic. Yoast gives you the ability to tweak and visualize your content in a way that gives on-page SEO boosts and increases organic ranking. With Yoast, you’ll be generating more traffic per page and thereby creating more opportunities to make sales.

3. GetResponse

There are many email marketing solutions on the market, but only one can rise to the top of the affiliate ranks. GetResponse gets our vote here because it runs the gamut of affiliate marketing solutions. Features such as autoresponder, email marketing, e-commerce integrations, and more all serve as valuable tools for marketers who like expansive feature sets.

4. Thirsty Affiliates Plugin

Thirsty Affiliates is a WordPress plugin that manages the entire lifecycle of affiliate links. WordPress links are saved and categorized instantly so you don’t have to log-in and out of affiliate networks to insert product links. And if that wasn’t helpful enough, Thirsty Affiliates also gives you the ability to beautify links and auto-link keywords that are not already effectively monetized.

5. Shareasale

Last but not least, our top affiliate tool is our own affiliate network! Shareasale was the network of choice for the VirtualPBX Affiliate Program because of its longstanding reputation for honest, efficient and fast affiliate transactions. We can also appreciate the fact that they’ve stood toe-to-toe with top affiliate networks for over 17 years and still just seem to be getting better with age. We can’t say enough good things about Shareasale. You won’t regret your decision to sign up today! The process is simple and free.

We hope you enjoyed our top 5 tools for affiliate marketing in our VirtualPBX 5 series! If you liked these Top 5 Affiliate Tools, be sure to check out the VirtualPBX blog for more affiliate marketing related content. We would also love to hear any tool suggestions on Facebook and Twitter!

We’ve Updated Our Extension Manager App for vConsole!

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One of the most storied and successful VoIP plans for business, VirtualPBX Office Plans, has been around long enough to have seen it all. From the first iterations of the web-based telephone management portal, vConsole, to the introduction of advanced enterprise grade features like TrueACD Queues. Plus, having recently undergone a total redesign to update the interface to meet modern expectations, everything seemed to be about as good as it could be for the award-winning business VoIP platform. But, because we like to keep the pressure on and the pedal down, we went ahead and made some huge updates to the ecosystem of apps that Office Plan users rely on.

Introducing the All-New Extension Manager App

VirtualPBX’s wildly popular Extension Manager App for iPad and iPhone is sporting a totally new design and is updated to satisfy users even under the highest levels of scrutiny. Inspired by the high-gloss and user-centricity of all of the latest editions into the VirtualPBX line-up, the new Extension Manager App was built with more than just a focus on simplicity and usability in mind. The VirtualPBX engineers behind this new edition of the app also leveraged all of the feedback they’ve received from user input, beta testing, and in-app behavior and feature use to make it as comprehensively useful as possible. Plus, the added gloss and shine of the new app is more than just a fresh coat of paint as it still packs a punch when it comes to doing business. Telephone administrators can monitor call status and toggle agent status (logged-in/logged-out) even including Follow-Me Calling features all from the palm of their hands with the Extension Manager App.

Stay Tuned for More Updates

We love making new products that people use to get their jobs done more quickly and efficiently than before, but we need your help to keep pressing the envelope, too. Sign up for our VirtualPBX New Products Newsletter, chime in on our Product Roadmap, or let us know what you think by commenting or messaging us on Twitter and Facebook. Without your added insight into our work, we’d never be able to get these products to the point where they are as powerful and intuitive as they are useful and indispensible for you to conduct your business. We’ll keep an eye out for your thoughts, and in the meanwhile, enjoy the new app!

The Best Communications Tools for Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond

best communications toolsIf you don’t know by now, the 20th Anniversary of VirtualPBX has been in full swing this whole month. With trips down memory lane, great opportunities to save on hosted telephone service, and a lot of self-reflection, it has been a month packed with events. But just like we’ve been quick to mention all along the way, this month marks a stop along the way of a journey, not a destination. We may offer and service the best business communications tools we can offer today, but our focus is always set on building the best communications tools for tomorrow and beyond.

The Best Communications Tools for Any Year

As we’ve mentioned before, our entire company history is built on innovation and experimenting with things that have never been done before. By developing VoIP for business and a cloud-based telephone model 20 years ago, we were the tip of the spear on developing the best communications tools for a generation that hadn’t known anything about the internet before then. Plus, with the highly decorated Dash for business that made a huge splash last year, we continued that theme by delivering the best communications tools for a generation that expects more intuitive, consumer-centric design in their applications. And by continuing to look down the road, both figuratively and down our Product Roadmap, we’re aiming at making the best communications tools for whatever generations come next, too.

The Party May be Winding Down, But the Fun Isn’t Over

We’ve still got great promotional savings to be had through the end of the day today, Tuesday July 25, 2017, at midnight, so you can still get in on the Anniversary fun until then. But just because the party is over, doesn’t mean we’re finished pushing the boundaries on building and servicing the best communications tools around. Not by a long shot! Make sure to stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook channels and come back here often for the latest updates and news. We’ve come a long way to get here, and we’re not even remotely close to being finished.

PBX Parachute Keeps it Cool as Detwiler Yosemite Fire Rages On

Yosemite Fire and PBX ParachuteThe majestic and expansive Yosemite National Park in California’s eastern Sierra Mountains is under attack as the Detwiler Fire blazes to enormous proportions. Now estimated to be larger than the city of Seattle, the Yosemite fire that has already claimed dozens of buildings and caused hundreds of evacuations is only 10% contained. As our 20th Anniversary timeline points out, we’re about as Californian as it gets, so when one of our greatest natural treasures is under attack like this, we pay close attention. However, unlike the destructive flooding or hurricanes in the past that we’ve covered, this Yosemite fire is uniquely important to us because we have some of our remote team members living not far from the blaze. As you can see in the photo taken by a VirtualPBX employee in a city not far from the borders of the park, the Yosemite fire’s effects are keeping everyone in surrounding towns on edge.

What the Yosemite Fire Needs is a Parachute

We’re grateful for the fact that with the cadre of business VoIP service and tools for remote working, our team members can skedaddle if the temperature gets too hot in their neck of the woods. But what about the thousands of business people in the area that need to be at their desks? For the businesses we support in the area with PBX Parachute, they’ll be just as covered in the event that the Detwiler Fire spreads as our own employees. That’s because, with PBX Parachute, the award-winning emergency telephone failover service, anytime a business experiences a telephone outage or is unable to access their facility, they can deploy a complete replica of their system in the cloud. This disaster recovery and business continuity essential is typically used like insurance where it acts as a hot standby in the event of calamity by automatically deploying when it’s needed. However, because the PBX Parachute system is constantly ready, it can also be activated at the push of a button for emergencies that come with a bit more warning.

More Phone System Than One it Replicates

For businesses in the eastern ranges of California who are threatened by evacuation warnings and need to escape the growing smoke, the PBX Parachute is the one true way to take all of your business essentials with them without even packing a thing. The brilliance of the PBX Parachute system is more than just a total continuation of business and the preservation of potentially tens of thousands of dollars a day in opportunity costs. The beauty of the deployed PBX Parachute is that it is a totally hosted telephone system. This means that for the companies that need it because they are on an older legacy system that has big constraints on call forwarding, during the period of time they have PBX Parachute deployed are free to enjoy the nearly universal flexibility of a hosted business VoIP system. Therefore, with the simple interface that allows administrators to program alternate phone numbers for call forwarding and the nearly universal device compatibility that VirtualPBX has for doing so, employees can both get to safer ground and experience the convenience of VoIP during their displacement. Of course, that’s little comfort in the face of emergencies, but it’s at least one less thing to have to worry about whenever disaster does strike.

Getting your business set up with its own PBX Parachute or with an advanced hosted phone system is simple, fast, and in most cases, far less expensive than the existing legacy phone system you’re already using. Additionally, because hosted business phone tools are all virtually managed in the cloud, they are exponentially more scalable and affordable than physical, on-site systems. To get started, this VoIP Plan Comparison tool will get you going on choosing the right plan for you. Or, you can also feel free to reach out and contact us on Twitter and Facebook. Either way, please keep the families in the path of the Yosemite fire in your thoughts and prayers and remember to stay safe whenever Mother Nature gets involved.

VirtualPBX – 20 Years Later and Still Going Strong

VoIP is Still Going StrongYou might recall that July is a big month for us. It was 20 years ago this month that an idea turned into an opportunity and that opportunity turned into an industry. Of course, we’re talking about our 20th Anniversary, which is a remarkable milestone for any business, and one that carries with it added significance for us as well. We’re not about to try and convince anyone that hitting two decades of service is any less momentous for one business over another, however, we do think it’s neat that our existence aligns perfectly with that of our very industry. Our founders were pioneers in the hosted telecom industry in that there hadn’t been any market for B2B VoIP service, primarily because they also pioneered the technology behind it. Building the platform for the core functionality of your business’ entire industry is impressive, but not being an organization to rest on our laurels, we’re keen to not just stop there. In fact, we’re still going strong with innovating new ways to solve business communications challenges, even before companies are aware of them.

Still Going Strong Down the Road

It’s not easy to build a company, much less an industry. What would be easy, though, is to take that kind of accomplishment and ride it off into the sunset. That’s not our style. Instead, we prefer to keep trudging the road to constantly shake things up and improve service and reliability for our customers. We’ve got so many projects in place to build improvements into our suite of communications tools that we actually have to triage them by priority and demand. You can see most of our current projects on our Product Road Map and, when combined with the biggest of our recent accomplishments, it’s safe to say that we’re definitely still going strong. Curious what not letting off the gas looks like? Take these recent releases below as examples-

  • Dash Business Phone Service Our current feature platform, Dash, is a firecracker. Built from scratch to resemble the simplest of consumer applications, the seamless design is still backed by the enterprise-grade technology that powers businesses all over the world. Barely a year old, Dash still continues to guide what direction the industry is going.
  • 24/7 Customer Support Our Customer Support Policy is one of the notches in our belt for which we’re most proud. It’s also one of the most contentious in the industry, however. With most of the industry charging premiums for live telephone support, and even more not hosting those teams domestically, our California-based, 24/7, 365 day support access comes free with every new and existing Dash account.
  • Big Awards, Bigger Competition We’ve been known to garner the praise of our competitors and the industry press, but we just last month won two of the biggest recognitions to date. By taking home a Gold and Bronze medal at the IT World Awards, we set a new high watermark by showing we can compete toe-to-toe with companies much larger than we are.

More to Come, and Coming in Hot!

Even with just a small selection of our most recent milestones, it’s easy to get a sense of the grandeur of what we want to accomplish. By keeping an eye on the updates to both our Product Road Map and our latest press releases, you’ll be the first to know about everything we’re working on next. However, because we’re keen on improving business communications, you can just sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get the reader’s digest version sent right to your inbox. Either way, we’re thrilled to have made it to this point in our history and are looking forward to keeping going strong for another 20 years and then some!

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