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Four Types of People Who Benefit from Hosted VoIP

If you are a business owner or professional, you may wonder whether hosted VoIP makes sense for you. If you find yourself identifying with any of the personalities listed below, a VoIP phone system may be just the ticket to help you increase your business productivity, while simultaneously improving customer support. Here’s a guide to help you determine if hosted VoIP is right for you and your small business.

1. The Multi-tasker When you have a million things on your plate, you need the right business tools to help you stay on track. A VoIP phone system gives you full control over how incoming and outgoing calls are processed. Having an effective process prevents problems such as losing important calls and transferring callers to the wrong person or department.

2. The Entrepreneur If you are heading a new organization with a great business model, but a skeleton crew, then hosted VoIP is a good option for you. A phone system with features like professional greetings, music on hold and TrueACD queuing can help you maintain a big business image, even if you only have a team of 10 employees. Plus, a hosted VoIP phone system offers unmatchable scalability and flexibility. It’s easy to add on phone lines as business demands grow or scale back if you’re tight on resources.

3. The Telecommuter Working out of the office shouldn’t limit your connectivity to clients or the rest of your team. With hosted VoIP, you have access to complete business phone system features whether you are working from your home office, a local coffee shop or even the airport. Softphones allow you to use your smartphone or laptop to make or receive calls over your data connection.

4. The Penny Saver If you are the thrifty type, hosted VoIP is an excellent fit for you.A traditional phone system forces you to purchase the hardware required for the services your phone system needs. With a hosted business VoIP phone system, you have complete freedom to change your phone system at any time without purchasing additional hardware and paying for installation. Hosted VoIP is a clear solution for those looking to get the most bang for their buck.

The Telecommunications Revolution – Business VoIP Then and Now

During the telecommunications revolution, it’s common for new technology to take some time to mature – and VoIP technology is no exception. Let’s take a second to revisit business VoIP’s early days and appreciate how far the technology has come since then.

While many people remember the late ’90s as the time when the mainstream Internet emerged, along with dotcom mania and a surging stock market, the decade also marks a major milestone in the telecommunications industry – the introduction of VoIP technology.

When business VoIP first came on the scene, its main draw was its cost-saving potential. Operating costs for VoIP service providers were much lower than for traditional phone companies. Plus, businesses no longer had to maintain separate networks for phones and data – a significant money saver.

However, VoIP technology certainly had a few weak spots that couldn’t be ignored. For example, voice call quality paled compared to traditional landline systems. Many users complained about dropped calls, jitter (scrambled or poor quality audio) and latency (the small gap of time between when a call participant speaks and when the voice data reaches the recipient).

Now flash forward to present day.

VoIP technology has evolved into a whole different animal. For instance, HD voice quality puts the performance of old PBXs and PSTN voice connections to shame. Today’s VoIP technology meets and even exceeds conventional voice reliability. And with technology like Virtual PBX Complete with VoIP Anywhere, it’s possible to use your smartphone, tablet and/or computer as an extension of your VoIP system. In other words, you can have complete business phone system capabilities from anywhere with a broadband connection – perfect for businesses with remote or traveling employees.

The introduction of business VoIP has truly shaken up the telecoms and business landscape, and the technology just keeps getting better. Give it another five years, and you can bet the majority of worldwide voice traffic will be using VoIP protocol.

3 Ways to Maximize Your Internet At Work

In today’s age of technology, the Internet is everything. We rarely go a day without it for personal use, let alone business use. However, some companies have yet to maximize its full potential, with Hosted VoIP, video conferences via Skype, and FTP sites being just a few of the most commonly missed uses.

Phone Calls Using VoIP
VoIP phone services are slowly replacing traditional phone systems as more and more businesses begin to recognize the added, money-saving benefits. Hosted VoIP not only saves your business money but offers many added features fit for a professional business, including a more efficient system configuration & management, call answering & call routing, conferencing, a higher quality user experience, and more. (Did we mention it can save your business money?) VoIP uses your current internet to make phone calls, so a modem is all you will need to get great phone service without the hazard of phone lines running up and down your office walls and floors.

VoIPOnline Faxing
Just as VoIP allows business to save time and money by making calls using their internet connection, more and more companies are switching to internet fax services, too. Fax over internet gives all the benefits of faxing without buying a fax machine which helps your business save money and you never have to worry about a faulty fax machine.

FTP Sites
Nowadays, paper is hardly necessary in the workplace. With FTP sites, which are password-protected temporary storage sites where you can share and access files with others, you never have to worry about a file being too large to be sent via email. Files are now easily shareable with whomever you choose to share them with. Download within minutes and share files with anyone in the world rather than using snail mail or FedEx.

Are you getting the most out of your Internet? These money-saving solutions are ideal for businesses looking to save an extra buck while receiving even more benefits and adding an air of professionalism.

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