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Business VoIP Service

The term business VoIP service usually refers to a hosted service provided by another company that provides the ability for a company to make and receive calls over the internet. Business VoIP Service is differentiated from Residential VoIP service in quality and features. The terms business VoIP, business VoIP system and business VoIP service are often used interchangeably, but in most instances mean slightly different things.

Part of the growing trend toward services “in the cloud”, Business VoIP phone systems often replaces both traditional telephone lines and the hardware PBX systems that used to connect those lines to the desk phones in companies’ offices. So business VoIP service includes both the underlying phone service that allows phone calls to move in and out of a company and other functionality that has traditionally been delivered by PBX (private branch exchange) hardware, such as an automated attendant with a menu of options for callers to dial to reach different parts of the company, voicemail, call transfers between employees, etc. The underlying phone service now uses the internet “cloud” for carrying the phone calls, and the PBX functions are provided as added services that control the flow of calls through a business and provide applications like voicemail, and manage the phone service itself. Business VoIP service is then a multi-function service replacing several older technologies.

Some vendors only provide the internet phone “lines,” and expect users to add other hardware and software to do PBX functions and system management. Another term for this type of business VoIP phone system is “SIP trunking.”

Finally, other types of business VoIP service are provided by VoIP software that is hosted on servers located inside the client company, rather than coming as a service from the outside. This type of “internally hosted” business VoIP service can connect to SIP trunking or other services to provide the call connectivity to the outside world.

Virtual PBX offers complete business VoIP service that includes internet phone calls, PBX features, and easy web-based management tools. We’ve been developing our hosted PBX service for over 15 years – ever since we invented this class of service. Choose Virtual PBX for your business VoIP service if you want the very best – at an affordable price.