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Business VoIP Phone

A business VoIP phone is a phone that can send and receive calls over the internet and has the features and call quality businesses need. This class of phone does not work without internet connectivity and needs to be used in conjunction with business VoIP phone service.

The differences between a business VoIP phone and standard VoIP phones usually lie in the quality and features. While a business VoIP phone will cost more than other VoIP phones, call quality will be typically be better and users will have more options in dealing with calls.

Business VoIP phone services usually include speakerphone capability, and call quality should be higher both when using a handset (receiver) and when using the speakerphone. Use of a business VoIP phone in a conference room requires the highest speakerphone quality of all, and a special type of conferencing business VoIP phone is best for that application.

In addition to speakerphone capability, features to look for in a business VoIP phone include: headphone jack, hold/resume function, digital display, directory listing, and menu functions for setup and configuration of the business VoIP phone.

Virtual PBX offers both business VoIP phone services and phones. Our phones include the above features and many more. With our service, for example, you can direct-dial other users, and transfer calls to any user in any location, whether they’re using a business VoIP phone, an analog phone on a landline or a cell phone.