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A Quick Tour of VirtualPBX®
VirtualPBX invented the virtual business phone system. Because we've been doing this longer than anyone else, we have the strongest, most feature-rich hosted phone service available anywhere.
get all the benefits with none of the hassles
At VirtualPBX, we provide your business phone system as a hosted service over the public telephone network and internet. You don't have to install or maintain complex and expensive phone switch hardware. You're free to focus on your business.

As you take this tour, you'll find out how Virtual PBX can:

1.  Give small companies a big-business telephone presence
2.  Integrate remote or home offices into a unified business image
3.  Significantly reduce business phone systems costs
4.  Automatically route calls to employees that travel
5.  Set up phone ACD queues to connect callers to employee groups
6.  Forward voice and fax mail to any employee, anywhere in the world

What is the VirtualPBX® Phone System
VirtualPBX® is a virtual receptionist, switchboard, and call center, for a standard office or a virtual office.
  • You provide the phones, we provide the PBX functionality
  • Your company is given a toll-free phone number
  • Each employee is assigned an extension number in the system
  • Employees tell the system the phone number(s) where they can be reached
  • Calls are automatically answered by the Virtual PBX® system
  • Callers select the employee with whom they wish to speak
  • The system routes the calls to the appropriate phone
  • There is no PBX hardware or software to install, maintain, or upgrade
work anywhere, go anywhere, and still get your calls
Since the VirtualPBX® phone system can connect calls to any phone, anywhere in the world, you can:
  • Set up a virtual office, with employees telecommuting from anywhere
  • Integrate multiple offices under one central phone number
  • Have calls follow you when you travel

Callers get a professional business greeting from the virtual receptionist, while employees are free to work where they are needed.

Personalized Greeting and Auto-attendant
The foundation of business phone system is the Personalized Greeting. An Automated Attendant, or virtual receptionist, answers the calls, eliminating the need for a human receptionist to receive, screen, and route calls. It gives callers access to all employees and departments in a professional, businesslike manner.
have it your way
VirtualPBX® allows you to customize your virtual receptionist's main greeting, and gives callers different options to choose from. But the automated attendant can do more than just route calls. It can be used to disseminate commonly requested information as pre-recorded messages, such as:
  • Hours of operation
  • Office address and directions
  • News updates
  • Sales promotions

Our built-in Greeting Manager will free you from spending time giving out this kind of information. You'll be able to administer, upload, record, or order any greeting that your business needs, whenever it's needed.

Save money and increase productivity while better meeting your customers' needs with a virtual receptionist from VirtualPBX.

A Phone Extension is For a Person,
Not a Desk
In most phone systems, an extension number is assigned to a physical phone, and an employee has to be at the phone to get a call. With VirtualPBX, phone extensions are assigned to people, who tell the system what phone they want calls routed to.
distributed workers, unified presence
Employees that want to work outside the office tell the VirtualPBX® system where they can be reached, such as a home office number or a wireless phone. Business calls are still answered by the auto-attendant, but the calls are routed to the remote phone instead of an office phone. When the remote phone rings, our auto-attendant announces that the call is a business call, so the employee knows how to answer. Callers dial a normal phone extension, but the extension owner can be on a wireless phone, or anywhere.

Feel free to set up your company any way you need. Make your phone system adjust to your business, and your people—not the other way around.

Follow-Me Calling and Call Forwarding
Today's workforce is mobile. Your phone system needs to keep up. VirtualPBX® includes a sophisticated phone call forwarding service. You can enter a whole list of phone numbers where you might be reached, such as:
  • Your main office phone
  • Your home office phone
  • Your cellular phone
  • A branch office phone
don't miss an important call
When a call for you arrives, our call forwarding service will try each number on the list until it finds you. If you aren't at any of the numbers, the caller is sent to a centralized phone-mail system. You don't have to check each phone system for messages, and you can even listen to your messages over the internet.
SmartID™ for your most important calls
On calls that you receive, VirtualPBX SmartID™ can deliver Caller ID to you through your phone's display and as whispered call information before you accept a call.

You get the freedom to work or go anywhere, without fear of missing an important call. With Follow-me Calling from VirtualPBX, you get a phone call forwarding service that works as hard as you do.

For more information on Follow-me Calling, our call forwarding service, look in our features listing.

Easy, Web-based Management
With VirtualPBX® employees manage their own phone needs. They can maintain their current location, establish personal greetings, keep follow-me lists, and configure settings to meet their requirements. All of the functionality is given by an easy to used web-based management tool.

Workers that are part of call centers can log themselves into and out of ACD queues, even from remote locations, allowing call centers to be de-centralized and more flexible. Costs can be reduced by letting agents telecommute from home offices.

you're still in control, and it's easy
A VirtualPBX® system allows an administrator to override many personal options, when needed, giving you ultimate control. And the graphical web tool lets you establish control from any location, without the need to learn a lot of phone management lore.

Virtual PBX® manages the complex hardware and software, leaving you free to concentrate on your business.

Automated Call Distribution
(ACD or Automatic Call Distributor) Queues
Virtual PBX® pioneered ACD queuing for virtual phone systems, and is still way ahead of the competition. ACD queues are used when the caller wants to reach a business function, such as sales or customer service, instead of an individual. Usually, these callers won't have a name, they just have a need.

When using ACD queues, your employees are assigned to call groups. They log in and out of the groups through the web tool. Your auto-attendant greeting will say something like “press 1 for sales or 2 for support,” and calls will automatically be routed to any available employee in the appropriate group.

acd queuing is a critical business function
Automatic Call Distribution is a must for call centers or any business that wants to handle callers that are unfamiliar with the company. It frees callers from needing to know the extension number or name of the person they need to talk with, and gives your company a more professional image.
TrueACD®, Not Just Hunt Groups
Because ACD queuing is so important, every provider wants to offer it. Implementation, however, is very difficult, so many suppliers have resorted to lesser approaches that they tout as ACD queuing. Real ACD queues have all of these features:

Even load balancing across all call center agents. TrueACD™ keeps track of agent activity and routes calls evenly to all employees.

Dynamic agent presence. Automatically adjust call routing each time an agent logs in or out of a queue, even from a remote site, with no need for an administrator to reconfigure the system.

Skills-based routing. Assign rankings to all agents in each queue, so that the best agents answer the most calls.

Configurable management roles. Delegate varying degrees of administrative capabilities to multiple agents so your queues can be managed according to your businees needs.

Overflow queues. Automatically route calls to overflow helpers when hold time is too long, or too many people are waiting.

Call waiting signals. Even remote call center agents in a TrueACD queue know if there are more callers waiting to be helped.

Custom on-hold messages. Callers waiting for assistance can hear custom promotional messages or soothing music.

TrueACD™ from VirtualPBX® is better than other virtual solutions because it can do so much more. It's better than hardware solutions because it can handle remote call center agents. Free yourself from lesser imitations.

Get Connected Today!
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Thanks for taking the time to find out more about Virtual PBX®, the pioneers of the virtual phone system. We offer a hosted service that delivers PBX functionality without compromises.

Compare a virtual office phone system with typical premises systems:

standard pbx system
Expensive PBX hardware
PBX software that changes
Complex system management
In-office users only
Calls to a single phone
Large capital outlay
virtual pbx® system
No PBX hardware
No PBX software
Easy web-based system management
Distributed users
Follow-me calling
No capital expenditure
A few of the differences between our system and other hosted systems:
other hosted pbx systems
Low-end systems
Hunt groups or no groups at all
Poor reliability and service
No transfers between extensions
Limited feature sets
Questionable reliability
virtual pbx® system
True business system
TrueACD queues
Unmatched reliability and service
Transfers anywhere in system
Full features
Uncompromising reliability
A lot of additional differences exist. Compare our virtual office phone features, our costs, our value, and set yourself free from old thinking or pale imitations. Discover the freedom that only VirtualPBX® can bring.
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