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Wellbury Information Services, LLC

Network/IT Solutions
Virtual PBX was our first, and only, choice in telephony services, and has served us very well since the inception of our company, over a year ago. Virtual PBX’s offering fit exactly with what we were looking for, allowing us provide our Customers with telephone communication that enhances our professional appearance, provides us features, including voicemail-to-email forwarding, that enable agile response to incoming calls, and does it all in an extremely cost-effective manner. Being a “virtual” company ourselves, in the sense that we have no dedicated office space, hold meetings telephonically and via the Internet, and perform a large part of our services via remote-access solutions, Virtual PBX’s product appealed because it allowed us to avoid costly capital investments in a PBX, voicemail system, and fax machines, and in recurring monthly expenses for telephone lines that often sit unused. Virtual PBX enabled us to get off the ground quickly with minimal startup expense– and for a fledgling business interest such as ours, that was essential.
Our relationship with Virtual PBX has been a resounding success for Wellbury Information Services!
Evan Anderson
Wellbury Information Services, LLC