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Telesis Solutions, Inc.

Provider of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Technology and Customized Contact Center Services
Telesis Solutions is a call center that has used Virtual PBX as our administrative system for almost two years. We have offices in 3 cities – Atlanta, Georgia, Jacksonville, Florida and Tampa, Florida. Although our main call center operation is located in Tampa, systems administration and one of our sales offices are located in Jacksonville, and we have a sales office in Atlanta. Virtual PBX has allowed us to make the fact that everyone is located in a different city transparent to our customers. Clients always dial the same number to reach us and only have to dial an extension to reach the individual they want. We can also do things that companies normally do with an office telephone system – transfer calls, transfer to voice mail, ad hoc teleconferencing, etc. Most importantly, it has saved us tons of money. We didn’t have to invest a lot of money in equipment we wouldn’t necessarily need, and we still had all of the functionality of a large PBX. We can add and remove extensions as the administrative needs of the business change. It makes us look bigger than we actually are.
Had I not completed and signed up for the Virtual PBX Parachute program we would have been out of business for 10 days. This is a great back up emergency plan and I was impressed with the ease of set up, great customer service and a system that worked.
Donald E. Blanchard, Jr.
Telesis Solutions, Inc.