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Reservation Services International

Private Label Reservation Services
We signed up to use your Virtual PBX Parachute Product just before Hurricane Wilma visited Ft. Lauderdale and it worked wonderfully. We were without power at our office for 10 days. Virtual PBX Parachute is an emergency back up plan that worked! Our company was able to stay in contact with our customers by phone when our normal phone system was down. I selected to have the calls answered by the voicemail system and invited callers to leave a message for a call back. I was able to alert them to the Hurricane recovery, that all was OK, and to leave a message and an agent would return their call shortly. I had remote agents in 5 different locations who were able to access the system, pull messages and return the calls. If we have to use the system again in an emergency situation I will direct calls to “live” agents versus defaulting to voicemail.
Had I not completed and signed up for the Virtual PBX Parachute program we would have been out of business for 10 days. This is a great back up emergency plan and I was impressed with the ease of set up, great customer service and a system that worked.
Cheryl Arscott
Reservation Services International, Inc.