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Pacific International Trading Group Corp.

Products and Logisitics for Trading Companies
We were planning on setting up a phone system that would run about $2000 or choose to use the PBX system for our 3 lines. We decided to use the Virtual PBX. Besides saving money upfront we travel extensively and since we don’t have the budget to have a full time secretary on call we need to forward the calls to everywhere around the world. This is where the Virtual PBX system has it covered. It gives us the look of a big company but at the same time deliver the calls anywhere in the world, plus we can check and monitor everything online and change numbers when we jump from country to country or just check voicemails. My friends are jealous because they put in $2-3k systems when they could have used something so flexible. I am glad we had this.
Johnson Leung
Pacific International Trading Group Corp.