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Orogenesis, Inc.

Wholesale Distributor of Alcoholic Beverages Exclusively to the State of Texas
I used to work for a company that used one of the “small business” phone systems. It had all of these great features, but the setup was difficult, and specifically the call forwarding was terrible. We would always have a poor connection, and I would have to call the customers back…some virtual office. When the power went out the phone system did not work, and besides all of that, it was expensive to repair. When I ventured out and started my own company I wanted a phone system, that sounded professional, was easy to use, did not go down, and most importantly was inexpensive to operate. Virtual PBX satisfied all of those requirements and more! The thing I liked most was that I had no contract. If I did not like it, I just did not pay anymore. I was not out big $$$ for something that did not perform as advertised. I would highly recommend this phone system to anyone!
Glen Henderson
Orogenesis, Inc.