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MoonRivers Media, LLC

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Thank you VirtualPBX!! After a long search, I have finally found the perfect PBX solution for my Company. As a small Technology Outsourcing provider, our company needed a centralized system to handle incoming calls for sales, support and marketing. Our 888 numbers give our clients a toll-free number at a very low cost to us. In addition, the VirtualPBX system follows me wherever I go – it can forward to my cell phone, a vacation house, any other number I want. Best of all, the system announces the caller so you can decide to take the call or send it to voicemail. The inbound fax capability receives all of my faxes and sends them immediately to my email as a PDF attachment. These are just a few of my favorite features; I also have conference call capability and web-based control panel where I can control everything.
On a typical day, I might be on a client site working on the network. A call comes to my cell phone – my VirtualPBX attendant announces the caller and depending on what I am doing, I can answer or send the caller to VM and check the message later. I always stay connected and know when I’m trying to be reached.
The cost savings are a no-brainer, especially for a small business. The cost and maintenance of an in-house PBX system is costly from a cash and resource perspective. The affordable VirtualPBX monthly plans more than offset the cost of incoming calls.
Most importantly, I have received GREAT customer support. Sales walked me through all of my pre-sale questions and then continued to work with me answering all of my billing and service questions for months following.
Thanks for a great service at a great price.
Mark Gallagher
MoonRivers Media, LLC