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JB Knowledge Technologies, Inc.

Web Development, Software Development, Graphic Design, and 3d Animation Firm Specializing in Working with Advertising, Design and PR Agencies.
With offices in Argentina, Canada, and the USA, VirtualPBX is essential to our business success. It provides a seamless interface for our customers to deal with all of our employees without ever having to bother with international dialing codes or complicated phone interfaces. We utilize the fax and voicemail-by-email services as well, allowing us to quickly retrieve and respond to messages from our customers, improving their customer service experience. With the addition of the local phone numbers, our local customers and out-of-town customers are all routed through the same phone system. The Total Cost of Ownership on this system is far less than any alternative for us.
Had I not completed and signed up for the Virtual PBX Parachute program we would have been out of business for 10 days. This is a great back up emergency plan and I was impressed with the ease of set up, great customer service and a system that worked.
James M Benham
JB Knowledge Technologies, Inc.