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First Interview

Sales, Marketing, and Management Recruiting Specialist
We’re a 28 year old network for independent Sales and Marketing Recruiters. Over the years we have seen and used a number of technologies, most of which have promised cost savings. Many of those have actually cost us additional expense. Several years ago we closed our corporate office and went virtual, with all employees working out of there homes. We tried several phone solutions, including VOIP, all of which had problems that we could not over come and most had significant up front expense. We were introduced to Virtual PBX by a business associate and after several months of investigation we made the decision to convert our entire telephonic needs to Virtual PBX. It is amazing how easy it was and how smooth the transition went. We have been extremely please with the flexibility and the ease of use. We test the flexibility daily with several employees moving back and forth between multiple homes as well as cell phones use, and we never lose a call. We have not had one issue from our customer base. That in itself would be enough to justify the system, but we have also seen a significant cost savings (30%+) which will only increase when the last of our phone equipment (currently not being used) lease terminates in another 12 months.
Bob Werrbach
First Interview