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FeBox, LLC

Internet Hosting Solutions
FeBox has been utilizing the VirtualPBX system for 2 years now, and we have been nothing but extremely pleased with their service. We are happy to say that we have never had to contact their support, simply because their service has been beyond stellar. Being in the 24/7 web hosting industry, their amazing uptime leaves us with one less thing to worry about. It ensures that our clients are able to reach us at all hours of the day. Things such as a professional custom recording, a wide range of quality hold music, and a control panel second to none, shows that there is no other company that we would go with. Even after 2 years, the amount of money VirtualPBX has saved us by utilizing their equipment doesn’t add up to what we would have had to spend to have an equal PBX system.
Anthony Drimones
FeBox, LLC