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Exclusively RN's, LLC

After Hours Triage Service for Physicians Across Colorado & Arizona
From home, we own and operate an after hours triage service for physicians across Colorado and Arizona. Virtual PBX is the common thread that shunts all incoming callers from multiple offices into one centralized system. Not only does it flawlessly hunt out the staff that is working and push callers into our system, it allows several people to work this system from multiple remote locations. We have worked with other virtual systems and they pale in comparison to Virtual PBX. We enjoy the rapid fire responses from tech support via email, and the eager, kind and willing help that we received in system set up and maintenance. Virtual PBX and new email notification is a pivotal part of our system . . . a feature that we pointedly searched for. Receipt of daily call logs, reports and the ease in navigating our online system add to the features that make Virtual PBX the cream of the crop.
Thank you, for your continued service!
Laura Hagler and Anne Afshari
Owners & Directors
Exclusively RN’s, LLC