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Arrive Air

Authorized Marketing Agent for Various FAR Part 135 Certificated Air Carriers
Virtual PBX has been a great value for our startup business. I have been involved in a half dozen startup companies over the last 20 years and the one item that is huge hassle to deal with for a startup company is a phone system. Cash is always at a premium and you hate to have to buy a system that you don’t even know if it will be the right one as the business grows. When we started Arrive Air, I was talking to a friend who almost had me convinced to go with some configuration for an internet phone service. The more I looked at it, the more I became concerned with the potential issues such as maintenance of the system, power outages, etc. That’s when I discovered Virtual PBX. It had all the features we wanted and more! It has proven to be the ideal solution for our startup company and I have recommended it to many of my friends who have small businesses or are thinking about starting a business.
Some of the things we really like about it are the features that can make a small company appear to be a large company—professional music on hold, call forwarding to numbers sequenced, group call management, same number for FAXes which are converted into PDF’s for easy forwarding via email, etc.
Thanks for a great system, priced to be a great value!
David P. Smith
Arrive Air