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Online VoIP Support

Many Ways to Get Support Directly for the VirtualPBX® VoIP Phone
review our quickstart guides:
Using VoIP phones with your VirtualPBX system adds great new features like direct extension to extension dialing. Please click on any of the links below for documentation on getting the most from using VoIP phones in your VirtualPBX system.
Below are configuration guides for VirtualPBX recommended softphones, routers and switches.

To add a softphone to your VirtualPBX account, download a softphone from a good provider. We like and have tested a wide variety of softphones from Counterpath. Instructions for installing the X-Lite softphones are shown below. The same provider also has softphones for iPhones and Android phones. Then go to our vConsole web portal, click on the Admin tab (only available to system administrators), and select the VoIP Phones link on the left side of the page. An “Add Softphone” link will appear on the left. Click this to get the softphone credential to configure your softphone (username, password, and server). Once the softphone is set up, you’ll need to assign it to an extension by clicking “Manage” next to the softphone and going to the extension’s Call Routing page. Setting up other softphones is also fairly easy. Use the instructions below to get general ideas of what is needed and/or contact our support department for help.

email customer support:
call customer support:
1 (888) 825-0800, Toll-free voice (option 2)1 (408) 414-7646, International voice (option 2)
hours of operation:
Sales & Support: Monday-Friday | 7AM-5PM Pacific TimeBilling: Monday-Friday | 8AM-4PM Pacific Time
If you’re a current customer and want to learn more about how to use a particular feature, the best information can be found in the help bubbles included on each page of our web-based management tool. Log in and see what we mean.