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The TrueACD Tour

This tour describes TrueACD queuing from Virtual PBX, the most advanced ACD technology available in hosted PBX systems. You can watch the whole tour or just select the section you want. And if you click on the lower right part of the tour, you can see how a typical hunt group offered by our competitors work. TrueACD is only available from Virtual PBX, and no hunt group or anything else comes close.

ACD Basics

ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) queues help callers find someone to help them when they don’t have the name or extension number of anyone in your company. They simply press a single digit and their calls are directed to the right department. Then, instead of just going to a single phone that might be busy or unattended, they go to a group of extensions (you can regard this as a department). Our system quickly finds an available employee to answer each call, and distributes the calls among employees to share the load and increase efficiency.If everyone in the department (even a department with just 1 person) is busy when a new call arrives, the caller can “hold for the next available representative”; we automatically route the call as soon as one of your employees gets free.Watch the whole tour to see all the benefits. You’ll understand why we say that nothing else comes close to TrueACD queuing from Virtual PBX.

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