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System Configuration and Management

Hosted Service

VirtualPBX® hosts phone system services over the public telephone network and the internet. Your company provides the telephones and connections and we provide the PBX services. Typical PBX services include the basics of answering incoming phone calls under a main company number and then routing calls appropriately to individual employees or employee groups (ACD queues). In addition to these standard services, VirtualPBX offers a large variety of value-added features. Click here to see our list of features and benefits.

Because the PBX system is offered as a service, you do not need to install or maintain any phone switch hardware or software to get all our benefits. We set up and maintain state-of-the-art hardware and software at our secure site and give access to you and your customers. You will need to have a working telephone for each employee or location that wants to receive calls. VirtualPBX works with any kind of phone, including land-based phones, cellular phones, VOIP phones, and more.

Central Business Number

With VirtualPBX, you can present a unified company image under one central telephone number. All of your employees—whether in a central office, branch offices, home offices, or traveling—are reachable through your main number.

Also, incoming calls can “follow” an employee, so there is no need to put a list of contact numbers on business cards. Just one number can get to all of your phones or even follow you to hotel rooms as you travel. Find out more about Follow-Me Calling

Extension Options

Every extension in a VirtualPBX can be designated as a “Live Extension” or a “Mail-Only Extension”.

A live extension is one that connects callers directly to your employees. Calls come into your main number, the caller selects the extension or department that is needed, and a call is placed to the phone number of the employee that owns the live extension. Once we get the employee on the line, we connect the caller and the two parties can talk. Live extensions can employ follow-me calling to make sure the extension owner is reached no matter where he or she might be.

Mail-only extensions just go to voicemail boxes where the caller can hear recorded messages and/or leave a message for your company. For example, you can set up a mail-only extension to play a message that gives callers office hours or driving directions. Or you can make your operator extension a mailbox that just takes voicemail messages rather than going to a live extension.

Easy Web Management

Because VirtualPBX is a hosted service, there is not a lot of complex management for you to do. You will, however, want to configure the system to meet your specific needs.

To help make system configuration easy, we provide a graphical, web-based tool, accessible from any web browser. Administrators are granted complete access to oversee, change, and monitor all system functions. Our broad range of features gives you the flexibility to set the system up to meet your specific business needs.

Configuration and management of individual extensions is done by the extension owners. It’s easy to do on the web and over the phone, and it takes away from the administrative load of operations managers. Individual employees have access to their own areas, allowing them to check messages, log in and out of ACD queues, and control personal configuration.

Unlimited PBX Scalability

Most small businesses buy at least three different phone switches over their first five years in business, in order to keep up with their changing needs. The expenses to install, maintain, and even learn all this different equipment can be enormous. You’ll never have to take this route with VirtualPBX, because we can scale our pbx service to meet your needs as you grow.

Some companies, believing they will eventually need more capability than a small PBX system can offer, over-buy and over-pay early on. With VirtualPBX, you pay as you grow.

Real-Time Monitoring

You can find out what’s happening with your phone system at any time through our web-based tools. Check on call activity, callers waiting, employee phone activity, and more—all in real time. Don’t wait to find out what you need to know to improve your service to customers, find out now.

Multi-Number Option

While having a single incoming business number gives your business a unified presence, sometimes it can be very useful to have multiple incoming business numbers. In fact, every VirtualPBX plan can have an unlimited amount of phone numbers as part of the system.

Multiple numbers can be used in many ways. Suppose, for example, you want to use one group of employees to answer phone calls for several different business identities. VirtualPBX can answer calls with different greetings on each incoming line and then route the calls to those employees. A preview announcement indicates which business identity was called, so the employee can answer correctly.

Another popular use for multiple numbers is to track response to marketing campaigns. Each advertisement or other marketing activity can include a different telephone number for prospects to get more information. Tracking the incoming activity on each phone number gives a real-time indication of which marketing activity is generating the most calls.

No Busy Signals

Many companies find that they need to add more phone lines to keep their system from ringing busy when call traffic is high. Calls placed to your business through VirtualPBX are answered by our phone system, where we have thousands of lines that never ring busy. With our service you only need to pay for one phone for each employee, and it can be a land-line phone, a cell phone, or a home phone for telecommuters. If all of your employees are already taking calls, we can place new calls into an ACD (automatic call distribution) queue to wait for the next available employee. Your customers never need to hear a busy signal again!

Mission Critical Fault Tolerance

Phone system downtime costs you money and productivity. If your PBX can’t route calls to you, your clients can’t get through to place orders or request support. Sometimes you’ll just lose an order, but sometimes you’ll lose customers permanently. Many cheap phone systems (both hardware and hosted) are built with little or no plan for fault tolerance. If any component of the system fails, you’re out of business. Customers get busy signals or dead lines when they try to contact you. The VirtualPBX system incorporates “n+1″ redundancy with automatic failover throughout the system to assure minimum downtime. When we have a component failure, that part of the system is automatically isolated and removed from use, and calls are instantly rolled over to working equipment. We have demonstrated over 99.999% (five 9’s) system reliability for years.

Comprehensive Data Security

When you get a telephone system from VirtualPBX, you not only get our award-winning business features, you also get a secure telecommunication network. We’ve taken numerous measures to make certain no one has access to your data without your permission. From the moment we receive a call until it arrives on your phone, we provide full protection.Find out more about how we securely handle your data

Automated Data Backups

In addition to our fault tolerant system design, we regularly perform backups to ensure that if there is ever a problem with our servers or our site, your system data will still be available.