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SmartID Features & Details

With Virtual PBX SmartID enabled, any phone with an available digital display can be used to show the Caller ID information that you need for your business. Additional SmartID features are discussed below.
caller id availability on blocked calls
Calls from random toll-free numbers can be irritating, especially when they have their Caller ID blocked. With SmartID this is never the case. Caller ID is delivered from toll-free numbers even if a block is in place.
SmartID for incoming calls
Your incoming calls can be configured to display the Caller ID of the person calling you or the Virtual PBX phone number that was dialed. Employees working from home offices will always know who is calling them at a glance. Employees in call centers that handle multiple phone numbers will always know which business center that their callers dialed.
SmartID for outbound calls
If you need to send the phone number of your business when you’re making a call, the Outbound Dialing function of the Virtual PBX and SmartID have you covered. SmartID can be configured to display the Caller ID of your Virtual PBX if needed. This is a great feature for remote call centers that need to maintain the security of their employee’s personal phone numbers.
global or extension-level control
SmartID can be configured for the entire Virtual PBX, or, control can be granted to your employees. Employees can maintain their own preferences for Caller ID as any combination of Inbound or Outbound SmartID settings are available.
always available caller id
There will be times when it is not convenient for you to attach yourself to a phone and it’s display. This is particularly true if you’re working on the road. With SmartID™, you’ll never be with out Caller ID. Since the Caller ID delivered on your phone and the Caller ID you receive through Caller Preview detail remain independent, call information is always available. And if you accidentally change your SmartID settings, your Call Preview settings will still stay intact.
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