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Online Fax

Every VirtualPBX plan comes with internet fax service fully integrated into the line. All of the functionality of a fax machine without any of the cost of bulky physical equipment, additional phone lines, or extra charges.

VirtualPBX VoIP lines have been designed specifically to identify inbound faxes and automatically receive them and convert their data in PDF form to be delivered to your inbox. By receiving digital copies of faxes only, you can quickly and easily filter, share, and print at your convenience. No more picking up the line to jarring, screeching data signals, reams of wasted paper from spam faxes that automatically print out when received, or wrestling with expensive equipment you might not need too frequently.

Plus, each VirtualPBX Office Plan has internet faxing already included at no extra cost. Most plans allow for sending 100 fax pages every month at no charge and only 5.9 cents per page after that. Receiving faxes is even easier and only count towards your standard minute allotment. But of course like all VirtualPBX products and services, customization is key, so you can always speak to an Account Services Agent to arrange for more faxing capabilities as necessary.


Better Fax Features


No one who sends a fax to you will know the difference between your VoIP number and an additional, expensive fax-only phone line. They’ll simply dial your number and press the send button on their fax machine as they normally would.


Outbound faxing is easier than the original fax method, too. Instead of printing out documents and scanning to fax, you can send files directly from your computer as faxes.


Store cover letters, frequently used forms or documents, as archive your entire fax history if you want all from the convenience of the vConsole web portal.


Faxing documents is critical for many businesses for regulatory and security purposes thanks to its unique point-to-point data transmission method that simply does not allow for malicious third party interference. If a fax goes through, you know it’s secure.


Internet Faxing, like all VirtualPBX products, is backed by the award-winning Support Team that has us leading the way in service. To use, add to, or simply discuss your fax service, visit our Internet Fax user guide or get in touch with our Account Services Team today.

To learn how to use our online fax capability, please look at our Internet Fax user guide.