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Greeting Manager

The VirtualPBX Greeting Manager allows you to manage, upload, record, or order the Auto-Attendant or Company Name greetings you want, whenever you want. You’ll be able to ensure that your customers know when you’ve changed your business hours during a holiday, if you’re running specials, or if you have a special message about the business itself.
  • Auto-Attendant and Company Name recordings are maintained in their own libraries so you’ll always be organized.
  • View your library at will and change from one greeting to another at any time with a simple click of the mouse.
  • Create different daytime and nighttime greetings and use our Day/Night scheduler to switch between them automatically.
  • You’ll never have to deal with cryptic numbering schemes or bizarre naming conventions because you’ll be able to name your recordings whatever you’d like. You’ll never have to remember whether or not “j04_001a.wav” is actually your July 4th holiday greeting or your New Year’s greeting.
  • In case you’ve forgotten what a greeting sounds like, every recording can be previewed through your computer’s media player.
  • Use our text-to-speech synthesizer to instantly create a new greeting.
  • Script a greeting for us to record for you in our studio.
  • Use your own studio or outside resources to make your own greetings and upload them to your VPBX library.
  • Record your own greetings over the phone. Our system will call you on your extension and prompt you with the recording instructions. Once you’re done, you’ll be able to assign your new greeting immediately.

VirtualPBX Greeting Manager Even Does Text-to-Speech

Only the VirtualPBX Greeting Manager provides you with an advanced text-to-speech engine so you can get information to your customers in a unique way. We’ve leveraged the stunning, near-real quality voices of AT&T’s ClearVoice text-to-speech engine to provide you with a distinctive way to express your business message. Some examples are found below.

Studio Recording

We’ve built in further automation that will still give you the ability to send greetings to the VirtualPBX Studio or Professional Studio.

Voice Samples