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Corporate Services

The Business Phone System that Means Big Business
If your company is already handling a lot of calls, you’re going to need powerful business telephone systems that can keep up. Ideal business phone systems allow an unlimited number of extensions, never ring busy, improve employee productivity with ACD queuing, and automatically update themselves with all the latest features without your help, keeping costs under tight control. Virtual PBX® services offer all of this and more. Take a look at some of the features of the business phone system that has it all.
Trueacd queuing
The heart of quality big business phone systems, ACD queuing correctly connects calls when the callers know what they want but not who they want. Our business phone system solution implements full ACD queuing with even call distribution, skills-based call routing, overflow queues, self-managed agent presence, and real-time queue monitoring. Does yours?
skills-based call routing
Make sure calls to any department are answered by your most capable people first, while letting newer employees come up to speed at a more measured pace. You can even let people from different departments automatically support each other when one group is overloaded, reducing the need for new hires.
call logs and real-time system monitoring
You can know what’s happening with your business phone system at all times, as well as what happened yesterday, or last week. Tweak your organization as needed to provide the very best service to your customers.
bridge multiple locations with no hardware
Let employees work wherever is best, but keep them fully integrated into your business phone system, without paying for extra hardware or tie lines.
reliability that won’t quit
If your phone system is down, you’re out of business. Every minute of downtime can mean thousands in lost sales and goodwill. Virtual PBX® doesn’t just back up your data so it can be restored in an emergency, it tries to eliminate downtime through built-in redundancy and fault tolerance. We’ve demonstrated over five 9′s of system reliability (99.999%) for over four years.
no busy signals
When you need more bandwidth for incoming calls, we switch it in automatically. You don’t need to buy more lines to handle more calls. We’ve got bandwidth to spare and we share it with you as you need it.
transfer calls between extensions
It sounds straightforward, but many virtual business phone systems can’t handle this simple task. A Virtual PBX® system will let you transfer calls to another employee, to the operator, to an ACD queue, directly to your voicemail, or to an outside number.
forward voice or fax mail to any employee, anywhere in the world
You can get messages in a wide variety of ways, without ever losing touch. And with Virtual PBX®, web and email message delivery doesn’t come with an additional cost.
save thousands or millions in capital costs
Why pay a high hardware bill when you can lower costs and increase flexibility by going virtual? Get a business phone system solution that doesn’t require any capital expenditure for PBX equipment.
save even more on maintenance costs
With Virtual PBX®, you no longer need to pay for support and upgrade of your business telephone systems. We keep our system constantly up-to-date with the latest features. You don’t need to hire or contract for PBX support services. You don’t even have to pay a receptionist!