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PBX Parachute™

Employee Emergency Hotline

In an emergency, nothing is more important than getting in touch with people you care about. Whether your family is trying to find out if you’re ok or you want to check on the status of an employee, an emergency hotline for employee emergency hotline is an important part of any good emergency preparedness plan. It can also be critical to a viable business continuity plan. Disasters happen, both man-made and natural, and we need to be ready for them.



Establishing Contact

There is no substitute for direct conversation. When disaster strikes, no amount of email or instant messaging can give you the comfort or detailed information you can get from a phone call. In an emergency, phone disaster recovery is usually more immediately important than data recovery. PBX Parachute gives you an entire backup phone system, waiting in the wings for emergency use. It can be based on your existing company phone number, taking over automatically as part of a business continuity plan, or it can have a separate emergency number for use only when needed.


Route Calls Anywhere

PBX Parachute includes follow-me calling for every extension, and calls can route to any type of phone, in any location. So your employees can enter cell phones, branch office phones, home phones, or other locations as contact points. And this can be done on the web or from any phone, so employees can tell the system where to reach them. The system will automatically try every number in the follow-me list until it gets through.


Emergency Notification

Sometimes the employee emergency hotline just needs to play messages to callers, stating the nature of the emergency and giving recovery instructions. PBX Parachute can be set up with emergency voice messaging for the company overall, departments, or each individual extension.


Emergency Hotline or Business Continuity Plan?

PBX Parachute can be either an employee emergency hotline or step in as your main phone system as part of a business continuity plan. For more information, you might want to look at our phone system business continuation and phone system disaster recovery pages.