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iPhone and Android Apps

VirtualPBX offers two main apps for use with both iPhone and Android phones. Both are available at no cost from the app stores. To download the apps, go to your App Store and search for VirtualPBX Extension Manager or VirtualPBX Softphone or just download below.


VirtualPBX Extension Manager

Extension Manager App

The VirtualPBX Extension Manager gives you fingertip control over the extension settings that people use the most. Functions include routing your extension to a different phone, marking yourself as unavailable, and logging in and out of ACD queues. Using the Extension Manager app is fast and easy – even easier than logging in online.

App Store Google Play


VirtualPBX Softphone

Softphone App

Turn your smart phone into a full-featured VoIP PBX softphone with the VirtualPBX Softphone app. You’ll be able to make and receive calls over your data connection, through your VirtualPBX system. Outbound calls will use your business Caller ID, not your personal number, and all of the great features of VirtualPBX business telephone systems are included with every call – including call recording, centralized voicemail, direct extension dialing, and much more.

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Softphone Setup Video