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VirtualPBX Call Center

Enable a Hosted Call Center with Virtual PBX®

VirtualPBX is an outstanding solution for virtual call centers because it lets your workers take business calls anywhere. You can populate your call center with home or remote workers and integrate workers that travel or work from branch offices. Virtual PBX offers a wide variety of sophisticated capabilities that fit right in with a hosted call center, such as:
Big business image. With a custom, high-quality auto-attendant greeting. Support for distributed employees. Your workers can get calls anywhere, on any type of phone.

TrueACD® queuing. Distributes calls evenly among all agents.

Skills-based routing. Have your best agents answer the most calls.

Fault tolerant reliability. System redundancy reduces downtime, providing over five 9’s of reliability.

Real-time monitoring. Know how many calls are waiting and which agents are busy with
online monitors.

No busy signals. Don’t worry about having more lines to handle more traffic, we’ll allocate more instantly, on demand.

Self-managed agent presence. Adjust queues automatically, without extra work for administrators.

Overflow queues. Bring in more resources when the load gets really heavy.

Which VirtualPBX Plan Should You Choose?

Even small companies can have call centers for sales, support or billing. And as you grow, your need for departmental “teams” will grow with you. The great thing about using VirtualPBX for this is our advanced queuing technology, and with our Flat-rate plans, queues are free! You’ll also like the extra minutes you’ll get from our flat-rate plans, so they’re probably the best choice for call centers. Remember that “unlimited minutes” is for typical business use, and some call center applications can put you outside our fair use policy. If you have questions about this, just give us a call.