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Unhappy With Your Current
Hosted PBX Provider?

Not Every Hosted PBX is a True VirtualPBX

VirtualPBX pioneered this hosted PBX market back in 1997. While many competitors have entered the market, none provide the same level of reliability, features, and cost savings. Some competitors have simply glued a little PBX functionality onto the front of a voicemail or fax system. Others are trying to push VoIP technology but don’t know how to make a real PBX. One of our biggest sources of new customers is disgruntled users of competing systems. Here are some of the reasons why:
Big business image. With a custom, high-quality auto-attendant greeting.

True ACD® queuing. Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) is hard to do right. Many competitors simply implement holding queues and call it ACD. Others have limited hunt groups that route calls to the same people even if they are already taking a call, making callers wait far longer than necessary. TrueACD includes a broad set of important features, such as even call distribution, skills-based routing, overflow queues, self-managed agent presence, queue optimization, protected queues, and much more.

System reliability. When your hosted PBX or premised-based equipment fails, you’re out of business. Virtual PBX has put “n+1″ redundancy in every component to reduce downtime. We’ve demonstrated over five 9’s of reliability for years. And your system never rings busy because we’ll allocate more lines to your company any time you need them.

Integrated conferencing. Conference people inside or outside the company at any time with no complex scheduling and no PIN numbers. And you can monitor who is in the conference online, at any time.

Extra features without extra cost. Many competitors charge extra for things included free with Virtual PBX, such as dial-by-name directory, incoming fax delivery, web and email delivery of voice and fax mail, and more.

Voice and fax mail for every employee. With Virtual PBX you don’t need to add extra costs and complexity to get voice or fax messages, since there included at no cost. And each employee has a private mailbox that is never full.

Other exclusive or rare features. In addition to the other items mentioned above, Virtual PBX includes many features that almost no other hosted PBX offers, such as multiple toll free numbers, Direct Inward Dialing (DID), multi-stage dialing, SelectRoute, AutoRoute, call blocking, advanced transfers, real-time monitoring, detailed queue logs, and more.