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Hosted PBX

A hosted PBX is a business phone system that is provided as a service, over a combination of the internet and telephone networks. In contrast, most older phone systems are in the “hardware PBX” category – meaning equipment that goes into a server room in a company and connects physically to all the phones in the office. With a hosted PBX, costs can be lower than with a hardware PBX, especially up-front costs. A hardware PBX can cost thousands or tens of thousands for the equipment purchase, while a hosted PBX typically has no up-front costs at all. In addition, a hosted PBX is supported, maintained, and upgraded by the company providing the service, so the company using a hosted PBX has no maintenance costs or hassle.
Another major advantage of a hosted PBX is that calls can usually be sent to any type of phone – land line, cell phone, office phone, home phone, etc., while a hardware PBX usually only sends calls to phones inside the office where the hardware is installed.
A sub-category of the hosted PBX is a hosted IP-PBX, meaning that the hosting is done to VoIP phones in the office, instead of using standard phones. While this can have some cost advantages, it often is just as inflexible as a hardware PBX, since clients are usually required to use VoIP phones from the provider rather than being able to use any phone, anywhere.
The First Hosted PBX
Virtual PBX invented the first hosted PBX in the 1990’s and has been leading the market ever since. With industry-recognized leading reliability and the deepest feature set among all competitors, Virtual PBX remains the front-runner. For more information about hosted PBX products, give us a call, or check out the links from our home page.
Starting as low as 10 dollars a month, with the most common system at only 45, the Virtual PBX small office phone system contains every feature that is included with the service provided for clients as large as 500 employees. With the features, quality, and price tag necessary to meet the needs of small offices, Virtual PBX does away with the on-site hardware and handles the calls for their clients offsite.
Here are some additional terms that describe key VirtualPBX elements and applications:
Ever since we invented the first virtual phone service, back in the 1990’s, VirtualPBX has led the market with technology, service, and product awards. This Business Phone System information is only part of the story. Please visit our home page for more about our award winning service.