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How Do Virtual Phone
Systems Work?

October 17th, 2014

How Virtual Phone Systems Work

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology revolutionizes the way users can make phone calls. Replacing traditional landlines lines with a high-speed internet connection is a great way to improve signal reliability and reduce costs for your business.

Digitized Conversations.
VoIP digitizes sounds to transmit calls over fiber optic cables. Once your voice is translated into transferable data, the sending computer separates this information into even smaller packets of data. The packets are then transmitted from your router to the call recipient’s computer through the internet.  Within seconds, the recipient computer receives these data packages and pieces them back together. The reassembled information then instructs the recipient’s phone system how to reproduce your verbal message. All of this allows virtual phone systems to circumvent the use of dedicated copper wires utilized by costly and often outdated traditional phone systems.

Virtual Phone Perks.
This packet-based communication offers several inherent advantages over the dedicated circuit-switch system. Packaging information allows data from multiple conversations to simultaneously transfer across a single fiber optic phone line. The result is a far more efficient strategy for transferring phone calls. Furthermore, data compression allows virtual phone system users access to even more cost-effective services, like digital faxing, enhanced messaging, and sophisticated call routing.

Unique-to-VoIP Features.
Virtual phone systems can also perform the same functions as any traditional private branch exchange (PBX) system. VirtualPBX simplifies this process by hosting powerful servers that transmit calls to its users. Incoming calls are received by either a digital or real-life receptionist. Callers are then prompted for a specific extension, which connects them directly to the branch or employee of their choice. This connection transfer happens digitally and can connect callers to VoIP-capable phones in literally any location – so you no longer need to be in the office to take a business call. VirtualPBX’s Anywhere Plan provides this type of flexibility and is great for companies with workers on the go or at home.

For more traditional brick-and-mortar operations that can also benefit from the freedom of a VoIP system, VirtualPBX also has several Office Plans to choose from.

To decide which plan works best for your business, check out the VirtualPBX Plan Comparison tool or give us a call at 888.825.0800 today!

Get Your First Month of VirtualPBX Office FREE
October 13th, 2014

Time is ticking to take advantage of a FREE month of VirtualPBX Office! From now until October 15, when you purchase the new Desktop VirtualPBX Softphone, your first month of an Annual Office Plan will come free! VirtualPBX Office includes great features like unlimited minutes, unlimited extensions, and two local or toll-free phone numbers, not to mention free U.S.-based customer service and a simple to use web portal for real-time business phone system customization.

Already enjoying a VirtualPBX Anywhere Plan? Upgrade to an Annual Office Plan and get the first month free when you purchase the new Desktop VirtualPBX Softphone!

The new Desktop VirtualPBX Softphone truly gives you the ability to work anywhere. Perfect for traveling, and days where your business day doesn’t end when you leave your office – the Desktop VirtualPBX Softphone makes it possible to turn your computer into a fully functional VoIP Extension. Not only does this give you the flexibility to work anywhere you have an internet connection, it lets you maintain a professional image with your business caller-ID and standard VirtualPBX features.

How to Create a Smart
Vanity Number

September 4th, 2014

Create Smart Vanity Numbers: How to

A vanity number is a must-have for businesses looking to increase their bottom line, particularly those who advertise through print, radio, or television. Studies show that a vanity number can increase word of mouth advertising by as much as 200%, as well as increase the percentage of return customers. Expecting rushed viewers or listeners to remember a random 10 digit number is unreasonable and unreliable. However, not all vanity numbers are created equally. While any vanity number is preferable to a traditional phone number, creating one can prove to be challenging without taking proper precautions.

Below are a few tips and examples from VirtualPBX on choosing a vanity number for your business.

  • Avoid alpha-numeric numbers such as, “C4R5” for “cars” – while it’s unique, it’s too difficult for users to remember.
  • Stay away from hybrid numbers such as 1.800.593.PETS. While “PETS” is easy enough to remember, 593 is less than ideal in terms of choosing a memorable vanity number.
  • Repetition is good. 1.888.555.YARN is a great example of a memorable number that uses repetition to its advantage.
  • Using a business name within your number is good only if it is reflective of the business or is a well-known brand, e.g., 1.800.555.FORD or 1.888.HAIRCUT are both good examples. However, 1.877.MICHAEL for Michael’s Flower Depot wouldn’t be memorable, as consumers are unlikely to associate “MICHAEL” with flowers.
  • Sometimes one extra letter is okay; for example 1.800.DISCOVER is the number for Discover Card.
  • Use simple, unmistakable spelling. Consider how your vanity number will sound when repeated in conversation, radio, or television. Avoid slang words with variations in spelling.

When chosen properly, your viewers and listeners will be able to associate your phone number with your business. In turn, your bottom line should increase as you provide customers a convenient, memorable way to reach you.

VirtualPBX offers vanity toll-free numbers, as well as 800 numbers to improve your business’ line of communication with customers, vendors, partners, and more. Contact us today for more information at 888.825.0800.

3 Ways Cloud Systems are Changing the Way Business
Gets Done

August 6th, 2014

In today’s business world, using technology to streamline your company is an important way to take advantage of the tools you have on hand. Using technology efficiently can help get your startup off the ground, and cloud systems are a great tool to help your business grow. Cloud systems can help streamline the sharing process, allowing for easier telecommuting, and with VoIP you can even help save your business money.

Streamline the Sharing Process
If you remember how businesses ran twenty years ago, you’ll likely recall how the fax machine was the gold standard for a streamlined sharing process. In just a few minutes, you were able to send off a photostatic copy of an original document to a client or vendor… if it worked. Fax machines gave way to email, and while we still use email to communicate and share smaller files, cloud systems are a great way to give your customers and coworkers access to files of even greater size. Depending on size, files can now be uploaded in a matter of seconds and are accessible by anyone with login information, adding convenience to the process.

Telecommute Without Missing a Step
Telecommuting can be a great way to bridge the gap between home and office. Now, with business being done “in the cloud,” the day-to-day work normally accomplished in the office can be done at home. Without a cloud system, you risk not having the same access to files at home as you do in the office, making your absence apparent. With use of the cloud you’re able to access all cloud-hosted files from any computer at any time. Not only does this help those who work from home, employees are now able to travel for business without missing a step.

Save with VoIP
VoIP is essentially a phone system based entirely through your Internet connection, and switching your office phone system to VoIP can save you a lot of money. VirtualPBX offers great deals on its cloud phone systems, including unlimited outbound and inbound phone calls on some plans. This can give small businesses, especially startups, a leg up in the business world. Because you don’t have to worry about spending so much money on each individual call that you need for your business, you can spend money elsewhere to put your company ahead of the competition.

If you’re looking to improve your business, employing a cloud system will give you a leg up over the competition. It can keep you connected to your employees, customers, and vendors, while also saving you money. Contact VirtualPBX today to learn more at 1-888-825-0800.

International Phone Numbers
January 27th, 2010

Big news around here – we just added the ability to own phone numbers in over 40 countries around the world. Not just limited to local or toll-free US numbers, Virtual PBX customers can get numbers that make them accessible to callers worldwide. No more need to have a separate number in Thailand that forwards to a US number, or make your potential customers in Italy have to face long-distance charges to make purchases. Now, the best hosted PBX is worldwide.
As an added benefit, it’s also incredibly low-cost, and very easy to get those numbers added to an existing PBX. It’s usually only about $20 per month, and no extra per-minute charges, all accessible from the online tool to manage the account phone numbers. Just click add, and choose the country and city. That’s it. Done.
So yeah. Really excited about it. Easy, fast, cost-effective, with no corners cut? That’s Virtual PBX. That’s what we do. Look forward to even more great ways to improve your business and personal communication in the next few months.

VirtualPBX Recognized for Excellence
September 17th, 2009

A few days ago, this year’s winners of the Internet Telephony Excellence award were announced in a ceremony in Norfolk, Connecticut. This is the latest is a series of awards that Virtual PBX has won for providing the industry’s defining platform, and for continuing to innovate and improve. Most recently, this one has been assigned for our push forward in integrating VoIP services alongside traditional phone and cell services. By providing equal service to all types of carriers and integrating with every kind of communications system, Virtual PBX is bringing the past and the future together.

Finding a Business Phone Service
September 16th, 2009

So, if you’ve been reading the blog, you know that having phones is good, and having high-tech phones systems that work for you is great. Less work + better communication = good business. But that’s just a bunch of raw information. So let’s back off from that for now, and take a look at how to get some good communication going. Whether you’re just starting up or already have a business number and a few phone lines, you’re best off taking a fresh look at how a business phone service gets set up.

Any professional-level phone system has three parts: hardware, lines, and services. A traditional approach was to bundle the services into high-end hardware that connects to standard copper wire, and that gave us four-line phones with call waiting and conferencing, but it runs into limits fast and is rather expensive on a large scale. Alternatively, you could use a big PBX hardware system, which can provide some of the services like phone menus, voicemail, and call transfers, but that’s even more expensive. Cell phones try to bundle the services in another way, with both hardware features and now downloadable apps, but they don’t have any kind of business phone services.

Fortunately, with VirtualPBX, you get to use any kind of hardware and connection you want, since we process the calls for you. Land lines, cell phones, VoIP (internet phones), anything you can take calls on is something we can connect to with our system. Instead of spending carts of cash on the old hardware approach, you get all the best features with whatever hardware and line solution best suits you at the lowest cost. This often results in massive savings for existing businesses, and eliminates the hundreds to thousands in upfront costs for a new business phone service. We usually see savings of 20-70% for businesses that go virtual.

So, to summarize: get some phones from wherever you feel like. Cell phones, land lines, internet phones, whatever you prefer. Then you get VirtualPBX. And when calls come in, they get handled according to the program and script you’ve given us. From there, callers can get connected to any phone you want to use. And you reap all the benefits mentioned in our earlier posts.