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Virtual Office

gestalt partners
Specializing in customized training solutions for the legal profession, Gestalt Partners LLC (www.gestaltpartners.com) is a completely virtual organization with a remote staff of administration, sales and instruction personnel. Its services include instructor-led and technology-based training for popular desktop applications, technical paths, business skills, and the legal environment.
Since Gestalt professionals serve clients primarily at their own facilities, training legal secretaries, administrative staff, and attorneys in the most popular and commonly-used legal, document management and office automation applications, a central office is not necessary though it is imperative that an integrated, well established company image be present.
To maintain its reputation of providing top quality products with superior service and support, Gestalt Partners employed the Virtual PBX® phone system to manage its growing communications needs. The VirtualPBX ensures that all staff are accessible by phone wherever they happen to be through follow me calling and that employees are able to retrieve voice mail message by any possible means (telephone, email, web access). The ability to easily configure an employee’s individual preferences on the web facilitates the process.
During daytime operation, Gestalt has a designated employee that logs on the general mailbox and works as the central point of contact for inbound callers who don’t know their party extension or have general questions about the business. Some employees log on, depending on their schedule, to their own extension when they wish to accept calls, while others, who don’t wish to be distracted, regularly check their email for voice mail notifications.
The VirtualPBX system helped Gestalt operate in a virtual office environment, allowing the company to realize significant cost savings associated with the high lease payments of equipment-based PBX phone systems or maintenance of individual private phone lines. In addition to this financial advantage, Gestalt Systems Manager David Magallon explains, “We most value the flexibility to be reached wherever you want, and easily change the settings ever by phone or on the web.”