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Innovative Fax and Voicemail Implementation

Choosing VirtualPBX was a no-brainer for our company. But, the services described on their website are just the beginning. VirtualPBX becomes a really powerful tool once you realize some of the creative applications that are possible. Incredibly, a small company can now have a more sophisticated phone system than a Fortune 500 company, or at least any of the ones I have experience with
One of the most useful applications for us is the ability to collect, store and share payroll information. Our staff are scattered across the country in remote locations and collecting time sheets was a nightmare. Now, time sheets are faxed to a VirtualPBX number that I never have to worry about. The fax is delivered to us as a.pdf file that is automatically sent by e-mail to the different staff that are responsible for invoicing, processing payroll and managing projects. We now use electronic invoicing and simply combine the time sheet .pdf with the .pdf invoice cover sheet. Payroll reviews the .pdf for hours and expenses. And clients and managers can view the time sheets online for approval or budget purposes. And, our administrative staff can perform any of these functions from anywhere.
We also love the ability to permanently store voicemail recordings and forward them to co-workers. Listening to the actual message from a client is far more accurate than hearing someone’s interpretation. Things get done right the first time.
VirtualPBX has delivered all of its features with 100% reliability.
I don’t know who to thank because I have not talked to anyone there since we setup the service. Now that’s the definition of virtual.
Case study provided by:
Keith Robbins
The Wyatt Group, Inc.