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Home-Based Employees

247Techs is a hypothetical group of a dozen or so developers, tech support specialists and hobbyists dedicated to providing honest, straightforward technical support to normal everyday people. The 247Techs mission is to provide an affordable, realtime alternative to existing online and telephone support options that require monthly fees, contracts, and online access. The company provides 24/7 technical support utilizing a rotating staff of remote customer service professionals that answer inbound calls from all over the United States and Canada. One hundred percent of the 247Tech’s business occurs over the phone.
Even though 247Techs is a fairly small organization, they expect a large volume of inbound callers for their geographically dispersed support staff. When a customer calls the 247Techs toll free number, their Virtual PBX® takes advantage of TrueACD™ queues to position callers for the next available agent, connecting them to a support professional’s home phone, remote office phone, cell phone, or VoIP line as they arrive. When all support agents are busy with callers, VirtualPBX holds these callers in queue with music or a special on-hold message until an agent does become available. Callers can be transferred between any VirtualPBX extension or any other ACD queue if further support is needed.
The initial capital expense of a fixed PBX system capable of supporting such a business would be completely cost-prohibitive and essentially impossible for just a few people to implement. As a hosted phone system, Virtual PBX practically negates the financial and technical costs inherent to most installed systems while facilitating the value-added goals of the 247Techs organization. Additional benefits include the ability to scale up or down depending on seasonal volume; rock-solid reliability for mission-critical performance; and ease of management through a web interface allowing any manager to administer the system from wherever they have internet connectivity.