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Cost Effective, Scalable Consulting Solution

I came to VirtualPBX® after surveying the market leaders in hosted PBX and telephony solutions. Certainly, there is no shortage of options, ranging from simple toll-free voicemail providers to powerful (and often expensive) services complete with call distribution and web interfaces. As a small business owner, I am concerned with value, but reluctant to sacrifice functionality in our telephony communications. Our toll-free numbers are often the “front door” that our potential customers will walk through, and they play a key role in shaping our customers’ perceptions of our quality and responsiveness. VirtualPBX shines as a critical component in our comprehensive strategy to communicate with the people most important to us: our clients.
Having utilized other solutions, I’ll highlight a few features that set the VirtualPBX platform apart from the competition:
In fairness to the competition, many of the features offered by VirtualPBX (with the exception of a true ACD routing option) can be found in some form by other communication providers. The difference? The VirtualPBX Small Business Plan includes it all, at $12.00 per extension per month. The bottom line – VirtualPBX includes toll-free service at a competitive rate, unlimited voicemail with email delivery, configurable call routing, powerful web administration, unlimited fax mailboxes with email delivery, configurable music-on-hold, and it’s based on an industry-standard model of Automatic Call Distribution. No extra charges, no hidden fees. Other hosted PBX providers charge $5.00 – $10.00 a month extra for each “add-on” service, so if web administration, voicemail with email delivery, and incoming fax forwarding to email are important to your business, count on an additional $15 – $20 a month to include these services. VirtualPBX considers them standard, and delivers them with excellence.
Our toll-free numbers are quickly becoming an identifiable part of our brand. They are distributed on websites, email signatures, business cards, and even stored in speed dial of our clients’ cell phones. Changing those numbers for the purpose of migrating to a telephony provider with more features would send the wrong message to our clients. We’re here to stay, and I have selected VirtualPBX with confidence in its ability to grow with us. If we secure that ‘next big contract’ tomorrow, we’re positioned to outsource our sales inquiries or our support queue in a matter of minutes. VirtualPBX would allow us to expand our call distribution queues without interrupting our business communications, providing seamless scalability. This is only possible with a system engineered for growth, and VirtualPBX is exactly that.
powerful integration and convergence
As a former Nortel Networks systems administrator, I have grown to appreciate the reliability and feature set of a hardware PBX. In my role as a communications/IT specialist, I specified all CPE (customer premises equipment) from the incoming trunks to the voice terminals on the desktop. Sensitive to the needs of the business for efficient communication, I was constantly striving to integrate the growing number of communication modalities – voice traffic, email, and faxing. Through many advances in CTI (computer-telephone integration), it is possible to build a solution that approaches integration, though it is complex, and expensive. We employed several service providers, and the administration proved to be time-consuming. With the maturity of the VirtualPBX platform, it’s a no-brainer for small business, and an increasingly attractive alternative for larger businesses. Some of the functionality, such as anytime-anywhere web administration on a per-user basis, was simply not possible, cost-prohibitive, or too complex for the average user. Our employees were concerned with communicating with people, and not terribly interested in becoming experts in telephony programming and administration. No doubt, many important calls went unanswered or to voicemail. With the simple web administration of VirtualPBX, I am convinced that my colleagues could have been more responsive to customers and less concerned with ‘forwarding codes’ and system commands. Translation: happier callers, less-frustrated employees (and system engineers with more time to spend on the IT network).
Setting up a comprehensive telephone solution can be complicated. VirtualPBX has been among the most responsive providers with whom I have worked. Our firm started with the SOHO plan and quickly migrated to the Small Business plan. Experienced technicians in the VirtualPBX support department helped us every step of the way, from the initial setup through expansion. Support can be reached promptly by telephone and email, and I’ve never experienced anything resembling a ‘scripted’ auto-generated response all-too-common in the technical support industry. Every email that I have sent has been answered with a knowledgeable and relevant reply. Some solutions providers seem to “insulate” their customers from knowledgeable technical support. VirtualPBX, refreshingly, strives to connect customers with the people who have the knowledge and the power to effect solutions. I have found VirtualPBX to be large enough to provide an industrial-strength communications infrastructure, but not large enough to be “too big for their britches” – I can connect with the people who count.
about inkirk™
INKIRK provides experienced consultation to churches, leveraging media and technology to artfully tell the Story. From the traditional to the emerging, INKIRK is relevant and ready. We provide software and hardware solutions to churches contemplating transitions in worship, including music, media, and team building. VirtualPBX helps us answer the Call.
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